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    Be thankful for dreams that have come true, blessings that have been bestowed upon you, and friendships that have sweetened your life.

    Posted by Linda_Beth in Friendship  ID#:613460
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    Friends are like trees, the more they grow the stronger they get, but if they are not cared for they get weak and die.

    Posted by JhillardAU1999 in Friendship  ID#:613419
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    I went out on a limb for you. Not because I knew it wouldn't fall....but because I knew you would need someone when it did.

    Posted by Linda_Beth in Friendship  ID#:612913
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    True Friendship and Good Health are Alike, People Seldom Know Its Value Until Its Lost

    Posted by 143avi in Friendship  ID#:612833
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    Most people in my life seem to notice and remember the mistakes I have made more than my achievements.

    Posted by Erickson in Friendship  ID#:612637
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    I'll reach out my hand to you
    I'll have faith in all you do.
    Just call my name and I'll be there.
    I'll be there to comfort you,
    Build my world of dreams around you,
    I'm so glad that I found you.
    I'll be there with a love that's strong,
    I'll be your strength,
    I'll keep holdin' on.
    Yes I will
    Let me fill your heart with joy and laughter,
    Togetherness, is all I'm after,
    Whenever you need me, I'll be there.
    I'll be there to protect you,
    With unselfish love that respects you.
    Just call my name, I'll be there.
    I'll be there to comfort you,
    Build my world of dreams around you,
    I'm so glad that I found you.

    Posted by VaBh the IspiratioN in Friendship  ID#:612627
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    Our Laughs are Limitless. Our Memeroies are Countless. Our Friendship is Endless.

    Posted by wisdomgirl1 in Friendship  ID#:612439
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    You are the reason why even at the saddest part of my life, I smile. Even at confusion, I understand. Even in betrayal, I trust. Even in fear of pain,I remember u best friend

    Posted by VaBh the IspiratioN in Friendship  ID#:612392
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    One Million+ MeMories
    Then Thousand+ JokEs
    One HundRed + Shared SecReTs
    One Reason .... BEST FRIENDS ..
    but wHn They Dont UnDerstand EverYThing FAils !!

    Posted by VaBh the IspiratioN in Friendship  ID#:612167
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    99 Facts About Guys

    1. Guys Prefer Neat And Presentable Girls.

    2. Guys Love Flirts.

    3. A Guy Can Like You For A Minute, And Then Forget You Afterwards.

    4. When A Guy Says He Doesn’t Understand You, It Simply Means You’re Not Thinking The Way He Is.

    5. “Are You Doing Something?” Or “Have You Eaten Already?” Are The First Usual Questions A Guy Asks On The Phone Just To Get Out From Stammering.

    6. Guys May Be Flirting Around All Day But Before They Go To Sleep, They Always Think About The Girl They Truly Care About.

    7. When A Guy Really Likes You, He’ll Disregard All Your Bad Characteristics.

    8. Guys Love A Girl’s Smile.

    9. Guys Will Do Anything Just To Get The Girl’s Attention.

    10. Guys Hate It When You Talk About Your Ex-Boyfriend.

    11. When Guys Want To Meet Your Parents. Let Them.

    12. Guys Want To Tell You Many Things But They Can’t. And They Sure Have One Habit To Gain Courage And Spirit To Tell You Many Things And It Is Drinking!

    13. Guys Cry!!!!!!!!

    14. Don’t Provoke The Guy To Heat Up. Believe Me. He Will.

    15. Guys Can Never Dream And Hope Too Much.

    16. Guys Usually Try Hard To Get The Girl Who Has Dumped Them, And This Makes It Harder For Them To Accept Their Defeat.

    17. When You Touch A Guy’s Heart, There’s No Turning Back.

    18. Giving A Guy A Hanging Message Like “You Know What?!..Uh…Never Mind!” Would Make Him Jump To A Conclusion That Is Far From What You Are Thinking.

    19. Guys Love It When Girls Touch Their Hands.

    20. Guys Are Good Flatterers When Courting But They Usually Stammer When They Talk To A Girl They Really Like.

    21. When A Guy Makes A Prolonged “Umm” Or Makes Any Excuses When You’re Asking Him To Do You A Favor, He’s Actually Saying That He Doesn’t Like You And He Can’t Lay Down The Card For You.

    22. When A Girl Says “No”, A Guy Hears It As “Try Again Tomorrow.”

    23. You Have To Tell A Guy What You Really Want Before He Gets The Message Clearly.

    24. Guy Finds Ways To Keep You Off From Linking With Someone Else

    25. Guys Love Their Moms.

    26. A Guy Would Sacrifice His Money For Lunch Just To Get You A Couple Of Roses.

    27. A Guy Often Thinks About The Girl Who Likes Him. But This Doesn’t Mean That The Guy Likes Her.

    28. You Can Never Understand Him Unless You Listen To Him.

    29. If A Guy Tells You He Loves You Once In A Lifetime. He Does.

    30. Beware. Guys Can Make Gossips Scatter Through Half Of The Face Of The Earth Faster Than Girls Can.

    31. Like Eve, Girls Are Guys EUR™ Weaknesses.

    32. Guys Are Very Open About Themselves.

    33. It’s Good To Test A Guy First Before You Believe Him. But Don’t Let Him Wait That Long.

    34. No Guy Is Bad When He Is Courting.

    35. Guys Hate It When Their Clothes Get Dirty. Even A Small Dot.

    36. Guys Really Admire Girls That They Like Even If They’re Not That Much Pretty.

    37. Your Best Friend, Whom Your Boyfriend Seeks Help From About His Problems With You May End Up Being Admired By Your Boyfriend.

    38. If A Guy Tells You About His Problems, He Just Needs Someone To Listen To Him. You Don’t Need To Give Advice.

    39. A Usual Act That Proves That The Guy Likes You Is When He Teases You.

    40. Shopping Is NOT A Sport. And No, We Are Never Going To Think Of It That Way.

    41. Guys Love Girls With Brains More Than Girls In Miniskirts.

    42. Guys Try To Find The Stuffed Toy A Girl Wants But Would Unluckily Get The Wrong One.

    43. Guys Virtually Brag About Anything.

    44. Guys Cannot Keep Secrets That Girls Tell

    Posted by VaBh the IspiratioN in Friendship  ID#:612159

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