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    Daddy no matter how many guys I look at, how many guys I date, how many guys I talk to, no matter who I get married to, you'll always be my number one dad
    Love you Kevin Mullins (daddy)
    You're the best dad ever
    :) <3

    Posted by 1997cherry in Fathers Day  ID#:389705
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    "Having a father like you is one of the greatest blessings in our life. You're not a teacher but you taught us the most valuable things in life, how to live a worthy life. You're not a doctor/nurse but you've always been there when we're not feeling well and pray to take those sickness away. You're not a soldier but you face battles for us, you've been the best protector and an enemy of those who tried to hurt us. You're not a fairy but you reach for the stars above to make our wishes and dreams come true. We lost our mother yet you've filled those emptiness. In everyday of our lives you always make us feel very special. You alone is enough to make us feel we're loved.. So others dont have the right to question you being a father because they don't even know you in the first place. You are the best father, the best of everything and we thank you.. >>nieyanch10

    Posted by nieyanch in Fathers Day  ID#:382726
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    When i was born you were watching tv.
    When i was 2 you dropped me on my head.
    When i was 4 you took me up to bed.
    When i was 6 you taught me how to ride a bike.
    When i was 10 you got on my nerves.
    When i was 12 you had kept annoying me because i had a boyfriend.
    When i was 25 i got married and you were the one to walk me down the ile and cry at the same time.
    I have always loved you a\nd always will. ¢¾

    Posted by mini_graciee in Fathers Day  ID#:382460
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    Dad is so easy to say that word, but it means so much!everyone can fight over who has the best dad, but let me say something i have the best dad for this reason my daddy is my grandpa i didnt had a dad and he was sp glad at being my dad and he tought me so many things i was her little girl!, this is no qoute but is just an entry to say him than you for being my DAD! i wouldnt want to have any other nut you!

    Posted by mariela_mendoza in Fathers Day  ID#:378824
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    I have to thank my dad so much. He gives the best advice. I dont know what i would do without him. Things are saved and better because of him

    Posted by Anonymous in Fathers Day  ID#:376158
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    AND if I keep myself
    All wounds of the past,
    It is to remember everything
    What you did for me,

    My Secret Garden poor
    Flowers have all wilted
    Time goes, everything goes,
    Not that love i have fr u,

    Dad, just a word I'd go over there,
    Dad, the time goes, everything goes,
    not that Love i have for u

    Posted by Bkweli in Fathers Day  ID#:373853
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    A girls first true love is her father.

    Posted by chulababy94 in Fathers Day  ID#:372245
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    too much words i can't explain
    too much pain i am hide from me
    i missed when u hugged me
    i missed when u angry to me
    i need u beside me

    u taught me about life
    dont be sad..dont be worry
    without u i cant be what iam now

    time is pass
    but u still on my heart
    i love u u forever
    from your daughter on deep heart

    Posted by pascharinda in Fathers Day  ID#:370073
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    One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters.

    Posted by galenlondeien in Fathers Day  ID#:358622
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    Sugarcane Juice, Bread and Jam,
    The Winter Chill, how I miss them,
    A hundred memories, an endless tale,
    Your deeds never dull, your love never pale,

    I say the things, I shouldn't say,
    I think of you, Every day,
    And how you manage, to keep it up,
    You made a home, we dreamt of,

    Younger days, Ignorant bliss,
    Papa those times, how I miss,
    Rainy summers, we felt the rain,
    You did your best, not all in vain,

    Kids grow up, drop you to rest,
    They give and carry, the pain in chest,
    One flies east, One flies west,
    No one flies, over Papa's nest,

    But papa don't think, that 'I' forgot,
    That all the while, I cared a lot,
    We are just children, so we go wrong,
    But always return, where we belong,

    I always remember, more than you think,
    I noticed you always, without a blink,
    You work too hard, You're a perfect man,
    Could I be alike? They say I can...

    Your simple ways, your modest style,
    You've walked for long, now rest a while,
    I want to be close, I need to go far,
    I know you feel bad, it's written on the star,

    Fathers teach kids, All about Life,
    They show them the fun; the pain and stife,
    But kids still wonder, they wander in doubt,
    And Papa you taught, What Life's all about,

    Man thinks he's God, and not just a child,
    The child of the God, in the world so wild,
    I'm glad I found you, and just in time,
    I caught the lyrics, in perfect rhyme,

    When I was lost, you showed me the way,
    I'd be your favorite, again if I may,
    The Perfect son, of The Great Father,
    Life is short, I'd be with you rather,
    Time is quick, I'd be with you Father!

    Posted by informaxim in Fathers Day  ID#:352069

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