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    Who are you to judge
    To dictate my life
    From drinking and driving
    To my eyes mesmerizing

    This society is lost
    I hope to bring it back
    But when I try to spread peace
    The police issue an attack

    There's a plant that grows
    A common wealth we share
    To settle our differences
    And pains we cannot bare

    It brings something fourth
    A sixth sense you may say
    But if they don't legalize it
    I'll be back to fight another day

    I've seen people change
    From warriors to peaceful men
    But they slam down our door
    And enclose us in a 6X8 den

    What happened to my rights
    What happened to this world
    I can't fly this path again
    Cause society is like a ball, all curled

    "It's only a plant" I tell em
    "Does that gun overpower me?
    Or do I fight back it court?
    All you're doing is infuriating me, you see?"

    People say we're the land of the free
    But don't try to play dumb
    Cause pigs have too much power
    Why not legalize freedom

    Why are people so blind now
    Why is everyone so afraid
    Does the media help at all
    No, they're afraid of illegal raid

    Is there no longer a 4th amendment
    Do my rights even matter
    Apparently not
    Cause I'm still fighting the Battle

    Indoctrination, manipulation
    Litigation, persuasion
    Prosecution, Socialized Nation
    Yet no one pays attention

    People do not see clearly
    They look for protection from Globalization
    It's not right I tell ya
    I'm fed up with this terrorist nation

    Propaganda on TV
    And illegal prostitution
    I don't care what people say
    Marijuana is the solution

    A teenager can kill a baby
    Without parental consent
    But when I want to blaze a blunt
    I'm on the deterrent

    My friend can get shot
    And the police do nothing
    But when they say "Officer down!"
    The whole town is erupting

    We lost our appreciation for life
    Death is just tax and tags
    But people complain
    About legalizing marriage for f*gs

    F*ck em! I don't need em
    The life I live, the war I fight
    You'd better shoot me now
    Before I'm outta sight

    When do we limit the power
    When do we make our creed
    While we're dying in the streets
    Or should I make it easy and lie down to bleed

    We must put an end to this
    We must ring the solemn bell
    So when the War is over
    The police can't give us hell

    Posted by loverboy in Government  ID#:217319
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    "I'm more afraid of Snow White than a Boogie Man..."

    Posted by vilem in Government  ID#:252525
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    The decryption is the encryption, and vice versa.

    Posted by Chris_Childs in Government  ID#:260169
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    Neither wind, nor rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor dark of night can stop the U.S. Mail. How sad that money just might be able to.

    Posted by Linda_Beth in Government  ID#:445851
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    ''These people, they have us beliving that they are evil and that they worship the devil, while in actuality they worship man's intellect.''

    Posted by krazy_ivan in Government  ID#:480589
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    -A leader is not someone who wears a golden crown, but still people wouldn't follow someone with a bronce one..that's basical human behaviour.

    Posted by neiko in Government  ID#:497788
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    i wanna be with u. till infinity aand beyond!

    Posted by Anonymous in Government  ID#:539584
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    ''In order to rally people, governments need enemies.They want us to be afraid, to hate, so we will rally behind them.And if they do not have a real enemy, they will invent one in order to mobilize us.''

    Posted by altruism77 in Government  ID#:559688
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    “When it gets down to having to use violence,then you are playing the system’s game.The establishment will irritate you, pull your beard and flick your face to make you fight.Because once they’ve got you violent,then they know how to handle you.The only thing they don’t know how tom handle is non-violence and humor.”

    Posted by altruism77 in Government  ID#:559689
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    “Giving money and power to government is

    like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys.”

    Posted by altruism77 in Government  ID#:560204

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