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    If you find a guy that looks at your eyes;
    your mascaras smudged

    Posted by tomorrow_is_too_far in Men  ID#:464334
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    Men are like shoes, the high quality ones can last you a long time; lousy ones will hurt you... Some go out of fashion when it's off season; the down-to-earth types are always the safest but a lil boring...

    Posted by lil_creature in Men  ID#:462995
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    Strong people are always showing their backs to everyone..They won't let anyone get ahead of them..

    Posted by lyfismusic in Men  ID#:461127
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    MEN's jealousy is even scarier than WOMEN's..

    Posted by secured in Men  ID#:460919
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    i wish you never made out with me after you broke up with me. i wish i never kissed you back. it is so much harder to get over you..

    Posted by doesnt_trust_anyone in Men  ID#:459808
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    Dear guys of the world,
    'I love you' means nothing if you just want something!

    Posted by Anonymous in Men  ID#:458958
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    Men are not like horses. You can't tame them. You can try but, in the end, you're probably the one who will end up broken.

    Posted by Susan_Gale in Men  ID#:458602
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    "if you broke up with me becuase you couldn't stand to be away from me please think how it made me feel when you broke up with me and how i would rather have some of you then none of you...i will never know if it's better for me to just forget about you because i will never ever get you out of mind even how much i try... remember that i really do love you and never forget....remember that you really hurt me when i can't see you and kiss you, hug you, and sit next to you and still is.. the best for you is not for me but i am happy that one of us is happy and hope i will soon.. remember i never stop loving you and that you are my first love and i will never stop loving you...remember if you ever want to be mine again i will say yes.. when you are ready to come back if you really love me i will be waiting for you... the thinks i said to you that hurt you i never meet it, i though it would make me feel better but i never though it would make me want to say sorry even more and to talk to you more... When i say good bye i mean i never want you to leave..i never though i would fall in love you and how hard it would to stop.. i never really though i would be crying over you and still would be.. i never really told anyone that i trust people 100% when i get to know them and when they hurt me a little bet or a lot i don't trust them anymore and it takes a lot to get my trust back.. its not i don't forgive its that they lost my trust... i hope you will remember me because i will always remember you.. i hope you will remember the happy times and forget the bad stuff.. i hope some day i will remember the happy times and forget the bad things.. i really do hope you have a fun life but i really do wish it was with me in it but i know deep done i want you to be happy..remember i love you for the real you and not what you hide from some people.. remember i never wanted you to hurt.. i never know that it hurt you so much from being away from me to break up with me and will never know how much it did.. i will never get how breaking up with me was the best for you but if it is i hope you are happy know.. Someday this will mean something to you even if its just you know how it made me feel... someday it will make since to me why you did it..."

    Posted by doesnt_trust_anyone in Men  ID#:455745
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    you where my first boyfriend for a reason..
    you where my first love..
    you where the first person i trusted and with my life..
    you where the first person that made me happy..
    you where the first person that broke my heart..

    i will aways want you back..
    i will aways love you..

    Posted by doesnt_trust_anyone in Men  ID#:455735
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    Ahhhh men. They'll tell you the sweetest things, make you fall for them, but then tear your heart out like it's nothing. Nunery anyone?

    Posted by Jackie(: in Men  ID#:454963

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