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Recent Highlights: War Quotes

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    The most difficult war is the fight within yourself.

    Posted by abvedmehta  ID#:332645
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    When the rich wage war it's the poor who die.

    Posted by milalamusique  ID#:327774
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    My Platoon
    Thomas Cranmer

    The Soldier who jumps up early in the morning
    The Soldier who crashes late in the evening
    The Soldier who stands
    The Soldier who falls
    The Soldier who fights
    The Soldier who fell back
    The Soldier who has everything
    The Soldier who has nothing
    The Soldier who fires
    The Soldier who runs
    The Soldier who trains
    The Soldier who brakes
    The Soldier who wishes something would begin
    The Soldier who wishes it was all over
    The Soldier who made friends
    The Soldier who made brothers
    The Soldier who leads
    The Soldier who carries
    The Soldier who drops
    The Soldier who lives
    The Soldier who grabs the soap in the shower
    The Soldier who drinks
    The Soldier who smokes
    The Soldier who hides
    The Soldier who cries
    The Soldier who screams, who shouts
    The Soldier who saves others
    The Soldier who kills
    The Soldier who got killed
    The Soldier who didn’t make it back
    My Platoon

    Posted by dude_182  ID#:324760
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    There are somethings in life that are always wavering... but war... war never changes... it corrupts the needy, slaughters the innocent, and damns those who fight for a "noble cause". This world will Never know peace... because in this world lies, greed, and deception are what make us what we are... animals fighting over the same damn scrap of food...

    Posted by Noffdar  ID#:322598
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    If you don't make friends don't make enemies either especially those with friends.

    Posted by piyush  ID#:321097
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    Here is a story to those who think war is nothing..........
    mom the little boy says when will dady come home? When he does son when he does, but remember this if a army man is at the door then your dady is not comeing home ok. Ok momy.......(There is a man at the door a army man) ( the mom runs to the door but the little boy was already there opened the door and screamed and ran to his mothers arms and started crying that dady is never coming home......Moral of the story we go over there to fight when are kids grow up without moms dads brothers sisters family is a power and we have no one here to be there when there fighting something as dumb as it sounds.............WAR!!!! IS A KILLER cry for those we have loved and lost in the war...may peace be in you all.

    Posted by hothorse711  ID#:321085
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    We send fathers, mothers, to fight in a war when we need them over here fighting to protect are family instead of fighting in some other mans war.

    Posted by hothorse711  ID#:321078
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    Never Underestimate A Girl ! She's Always Got A Plan , The World Is In Her Hands (: '

    Posted by donnamielovesbrandon  ID#:308682
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    The Army may have taken you away from me, but they cant take the love you have given me.

    Posted by stkes.16  ID#:307685
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    Dear Lord,

    There's a young man far from home,
    called to serve his nation in time of war;
    sent to defend our freedom
    on some distant foreign shore.
    We pray You keep him safe,
    we pray You keep him strong,
    we pray You send him safely home ...
    for he's been away so long.

    There's a young woman far from home,
    serving her nation with pride.
    Her step is strong, her step is sure,we pray You keep her strong,
    we pray You send her safely home ...
    for she's been away too long.

    Bless those who await their safe return.

    Bless those who mourn the lost.

    Bless those who serve this country well, no matter what the cost.

    God Bless America!

    Add this to your favorites if someone you love is fighting or has fought for us and our freedom.

    Posted by Mily_Moo  ID#:301450

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