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    There are somethings in life that are always wavering... but war... war never changes... it corrupts the needy, slaughters the innocent, and damns those who fight for a "noble cause". This world will Never know peace... because in this world lies, greed, and deception are what make us what we are... animals fighting over the same damn scrap of food...

    More than a year ago by Noffdar  ID#:322598
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    If you don't make friends don't make enemies either especially those with friends.

    More than a year ago by piyush  ID#:321097
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    Here is a story to those who think war is nothing..........
    mom the little boy says when will dady come home? When he does son when he does, but remember this if a army man is at the door then your dady is not comeing home ok. Ok momy.......(There is a man at the door a army man) ( the mom runs to the door but the little boy was already there opened the door and screamed and ran to his mothers arms and started crying that dady is never coming home......Moral of the story we go over there to fight when are kids grow up without moms dads brothers sisters family is a power and we have no one here to be there when there fighting something as dumb as it sounds.............WAR!!!! IS A KILLER cry for those we have loved and lost in the war...may peace be in you all.

    More than a year ago by hothorse711  ID#:321085
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    We send fathers, mothers, to fight in a war when we need them over here fighting to protect are family instead of fighting in some other mans war.

    More than a year ago by hothorse711  ID#:321078
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    Never Underestimate A Girl ! She's Always Got A Plan , The World Is In Her Hands (: '

    More than a year ago by donnamielovesbrandon  ID#:308682
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    The Army may have taken you away from me, but they cant take the love you have given me.

    More than a year ago by stkes.16  ID#:307685
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    Dear Lord,

    There's a young man far from home,
    called to serve his nation in time of war;
    sent to defend our freedom
    on some distant foreign shore.
    We pray You keep him safe,
    we pray You keep him strong,
    we pray You send him safely home ...
    for he's been away so long.

    There's a young woman far from home,
    serving her nation with pride.
    Her step is strong, her step is sure,we pray You keep her strong,
    we pray You send her safely home ...
    for she's been away too long.

    Bless those who await their safe return.

    Bless those who mourn the lost.

    Bless those who serve this country well, no matter what the cost.

    God Bless America!

    Add this to your favorites if someone you love is fighting or has fought for us and our freedom.

    More than a year ago by Mily_Moo  ID#:301450
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    The soldier

    A young man
    Fresh from collage
    Stand proud
    In his new uniform
    Rifle in hand
    Off he goes
    Leaving behind his family
    His girlfriend
    He makes a new family
    The men in his platoon
    Now they are his family
    Day and night
    They are alert
    Trying to survive
    Survive their new home
    The war zone
    Night and day
    All he can hear is gunshots
    And explosion.
    He sees his new family dining
    Slowly one by one.
    He sees body part flying in the air
    He get blood Splatters on him every day
    His new family
    Dying in his arm
    He rise through the ranks
    And he sees more death
    Then the day come
    The day were he has to chose
    To do right
    Or to survive
    He leads his men
    In to an occupied building
    A young boy has killed his friend
    They stand face to face.
    What dose he do now
    The boy reminds him of his brother
    The brother back home
    The brother that he loves so much
    The brother that he die fro
    He can see the fear in the child eye
    He has to make a choice
    Shot or be shot
    But before he could
    The child fire his weapon
    The solider is hit
    He falls to the corner of the room
    The child walks up to him
    Ready to shot him
    Ready to kill him
    He shoots the child
    The child that look like his bother
    Straight in the head
    The child slowly falls back
    He land with a loud thud
    He know he can not live with him self now
    he crying and apologizes
    To god and his family his platoon
    He grabs his gun put the barrel to his temple crying
    He pulls the trigger there a loud bang
    That the end of his life.
    That the life of the soldier

    More than a year ago by BIG_G_26  ID#:301151
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    "Never wound what you can't kill."

    More than a year ago by xcmcardexpert  ID#:299879
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    People are willing to die for war but not for peace.

    More than a year ago by henri2189  ID#:295627

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