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    im just me . and thats all I can be
    no more . no less . no 2nd guess
    i laugh . i love . i live . i cry
    and some times i wish i would die
    some day im funny
    others im not
    some times im in overdrive .
    and i cant stop
    you may not like me . but thats ok
    this is me . and this is how ill stay.

    Posted by spazz4brains  ID#:42549
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    Isn't it funny that your heart can be broken by someone that was always pretending?

    Funny how your friends can make you feel better about any situation.

    Funny how when something bad happens, it's all you can think about?

    Funny how bad we think we’ve got it, compared to others who have it worse.

    Funny how no matter how much we have, we’re never thankful.

    Funny how we can have so many friends, but if we fight with one, life sucks,

    Funny how your best friend can hurt you even more than your worst enemy can?

    Funny how no matter how hard we try, life will never be perfect,

    Funny how many times we can be hurt the same way, and how much more it hurts.

    Funny how one person can make you feel pretty even on your worst days

    Funny that no matter how much you like someone, if nobody thinks you should be with them, you give into peer pressure.

    Funny how on rainy days it’s so much easier to smile,

    How one fake friend, can ruin a life.

    Funny how your best friend can become your worst enemy with one mistake.

    Posted by LoNeLyAlWaYz  ID#:34691
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    Life isn't just about keeping score.
    It's not about how many people call you
    And it's not about who you've dated or haven't dated at all.
    It isn't about who you've kissed,
    What sport you play,
    Or which guy or girl likes you.
    It's not about your shoes or your hair
    Or the color of your skin,
    Or where you live or go to school.
    In fact it's not about grades, money,
    Clothes, or colleges that accept you or not.
    Life isn't about if you have lots of friends or if you are alone,
    And it's not about how accepted or unaccepted you are.
    Life isn't about that.
    But life is about who you love and who you hurt.
    It's about how you feel about yourself.
    It's about trust, happiness, and compassion.
    It's about avoiding jealousy, overcoming ignorance
    And building confidence.
    It's about what you say and what you mean.
    It's about seeing people for who they are and not for what they have.
    Most of all it is choosing to use your life.
    In a way that could have neverbeen achieved otherwise.
    These choices are what life's about.

    Posted by Apollo  ID#:14204
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    “For everything you have missed, you have gained something else, and for everything you gain, you lose something else.”

    Posted by lauranini123  ID#:174906
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    You can never make the same mistake twice. . because the second time you make it, its not a mistake, its a choice.

    Posted by ratss17  ID#:384588
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    The trouble with life is there's no background music.

    Posted by Anonymous  ID#:5050
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    whoever said "what you don't know, can't hurt you." was a moron.

    because from what
    i've been through,
    not knowing, is the worst
    feeling in the world.

    Posted by LADiiE_x_NiiKkii_  ID#:157766
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    "Moving on isn't hard, it's what you leave behind that makes it so difficult"

    Posted by LisaMarie  ID#:32927
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    Life's a b*tch and then you f*** the world and let's get high!

    Posted by lil_hellian_69  ID#:5800
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    i'm the kinda girl who is 'one of the guys'
    the one who is always there for everyone
    else when they need it. the one who puts
    others before herself. i'm the kinda girl
    who would rather be in sweats, big tee's
    and no make up at school, but dresses
    up because its what people expect of her.
    i'm the kinda girl, who regrets little things
    from the past, like not joining a sports team.
    i'm the kinda girl who loves her sports, but
    also loves getting dressed all fancy and
    acting like a princess. i'm the kinda girl who
    everyone knows her name, but nobody takes
    the time to know her. the one everyone sees
    walking with her one best friend and they
    all just stare. i'm the kinda girl who can be
    hurt, but will take time to make someone else
    happy, even though she cant make herself.
    i'm the kinda girl who acts all tough, but is
    really not as tough as you think. the girl
    that jokes around, but sometimes likes to
    be serious. the kinda girl who acts like things
    dont bug her or hurt her, just so people dont think
    they are actually bothering her. the kinda girl who
    can take so much pain, and bottles it all up inside her.
    i'm the quiet one of my girl friends, but with my guy
    friends i'm the loud one. i'm the girl that is afraid of
    rejection and denial, but yet risks so much.
    the kinda girl that you wouldnt realize what goes on
    at home, because at school she has a smile on her
    face. i'm the kinda girl who just wishes some
    things would change. the one that wants something
    different and new. and is sick of bulls**t.

    Posted by Alannah.xo  ID#:150037

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