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    I Just Wanted You To Know That Your The Best Dad In The Whole World I Might Not Have My Mom But I Don't Need Because I Have You My Savior

    Posted by ChasinMyLove in Fathers Day  ID#:602460
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    To my daddy!!

    You were there from the day I was born, as I grew older you taught me how to crawl, walk, and ride a bike. You walked me in on my first day of school, and as I hugged you goodbye I saw you tear up. You were a single father and doing your best to take care of me with no help. You over came so many issues and obstacles because you knew what was best. As I grew to big for your lap I could see you were hurting. You were there to hold me when I had my first heart break an you tried your best to keep me from another one. But as I grew more into my teenage years I never wanted to listen to your advice because I thought I knew everything. You watch me graduate an i never thought i would ever see you cry the way you did. i remember how I would always wish that I was older so I could move out and make my own rules but now that I am I wish I was little again I wish I could crawl in your lap and just stay there. You didn't give me everything I wanted in life but you made sure I had what I needed you are the best father in the whole world!!! I love you dad and thanks for not giving up.

    Posted by Bree_bree234 in Fathers Day  ID#:594507
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    A good father is one whose only reason for putting down a laughing baby is to pick up a crying one.

    Posted by Linda_Beth in Fathers Day  ID#:589565
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    Real Father's do Real Things

    Posted by DraMatik_ in Fathers Day  ID#:588723
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    You might be out of sight but you are always in my heart. HAPPY FATHERS DAY

    Posted by Dasies in Fathers Day  ID#:579644
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    A daddy isn't defined as the man who makes the child, but rather a man who extends his hands and time to help with the child's raising and his heart to love the child through anything! Blood doesn't always make you a daddy. Being a daddy comes from the heart, anybody can make a baby but it takes a REAL man to raise a child.

    Posted by Chrissy K. in Fathers Day  ID#:578072
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    Daddy's little girl

    I wish, I wish I was daddy's little girl,

    I would have a dance with him into his arms I'd twirl.

    I would have someone to hold me close when I get too scared,

    Instead I have to dream about it with my best friend Brittany Baird.

    It's so hard to talk about it,

    Why can't it just be true?

    Why did you have to leave me?

    Please come back, can't I talk to you?

    But none of this will happen,

    As I sit here and I cry.

    No daddy to share my feelings with,

    Why me god, why?

    I'm so glad that mama's here,

    As she tickles me to the ground.

    But now she's all I've got,

    Since you're never around.

    My mother's always there for me,

    And helps me when I need it.

    You weren't there when I needed you most,

    Not even a little bit.

    I think of all my other friends,

    Who have their dads by their sides.

    It makes me so mad,

    That I just want to run and hide.

    Why, why did you have to leave me?

    I think as I sit in my bed.

    All of these terrible thoughts of you

    Are tearing through my head.

    Sometimes it gets too painful,

    As if I'm going to die.

    Instead I sit perched on my bed,

    Trying not to cry.

    I'm trying to forget it now,

    I'm trying really hard.

    But in my mind I can't forget,

    My heart is far too scarred.

    God why do you hate me?

    Did I do something wrong?

    Why must you keep this pain in me,

    For so very long?


    It's not really how it sounds.

    It's like I'm a lonely dog

    Being taken to the pound.

    Couldn't you just suck it up

    And try to work it through?

    I just want too hear those words from you

    That say “I love you”.

    But none of that is really true,

    I hate the way I think of you.

    A terrible coldhearted man,

    I wish that you could understand.

    As I write this poem

    I can't help it I just tear.

    I wonder what it would be like

    If you would just be here.

    Couldn't you try and love me?

    Let's give it a whirl.

    Wouldn't it be nice if I could be

    Daddy's little girl?

    Posted by Niki Kinast in Fathers Day  ID#:576991
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    Daddy, thanks for being my hero, chauffeur, financial support, listener, life mentor, friend, guardian and simply be there every time I need a hug.

    Posted by stephanie_lin89 in Fathers Day  ID#:574690
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    Through all

    the ups and down,

    success and failures,

    highs and lows..

    I've always find you beside me..Dad..? ?

    thank u for always being there.. ?

    love you.. DAD.. ? ? ;')

    Posted by xx.beccyboo.xx in Fathers Day  ID#:573565
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    Posted by DOGPOUND66 in Fathers Day  ID#:570734

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