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    If tears could build a stair way, and memories a lane, I'd walk right up to heaven and bring you home again.

    I got this off my little sisters head stone after she died in 2001 when she was three months old..I miss her alot and I remember seeing this on her stone...R.I.P. Hanna Emch

    Posted by I LoVe JuStIn#18 in Death  ID#:23591
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    If you should die before me... can you ask to bring a friend?

    Posted by PenguinLvr142 in Death  ID#:32604
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    *suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem:.

    Posted by ilovetravis in Death  ID#:43889
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    "I’ll carry you within in my heart,
    From now until we meet again.
    Please stop your crying-I don’t want to see your tears,
    I know that it hurts but this isn’t the end.
    My time has come,
    So it’s time for us to let go,
    Saying goodbye is so painful,
    It hurts us both, I know.
    But you don’t need me with you now,
    I’m not the one that makes you strong.
    The strength you needed and thanked me for,
    Was inside you all along.
    And believe me when I say I’ll keep you in my heart,
    Now and forever till we meet again.
    Please don’t cry for what is gone,
    Because for us there is no end.
    Here’s my time to move on,
    You helped me through sun and through war,
    You always said I was your guide,
    But without you I never would have made it this far.
    You’ll be okay without me,
    I’ll keep watch over you from beyond the light.
    So don’t think you’ve lost me forever,
    I’m always alive in your dreams at night.
    I promise I’ll always carry you inside my heart,
    And think of you till the day we meet again.
    So dry your tears and smile for me,
    Despite the pain this is not the end.
    So say good-bye but not forever,
    Because a bond like ours can never be broken,
    And please stay strong and remember me,
    And be glad for all the feelings that don’t need to be spoken.
    We both knew this day would come,
    One day we’d have to part.
    But you, my friend, I’ll always carry,
    Within a special place inside my heart."

    Posted by Fated-Shadows in Death  ID#:17016
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    Humans aren't afraid to die...they are afraid to be forgotten after death.

    Posted by Nadim in Death  ID#:58480
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    Tears are sometimes an inappropriate response to death. When a life has been lived completely honestly, completely successfully, or just completely, the correct response to death's perfect punctuation mark is a smile.

    Posted by None in Death  ID#:1454
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    ...i finally realized that there would never be a hello or goodbye, never a conversation with you on the phone again, never a memory to be shared with you, i miss you so much i just don't know what to do anymore now that your gone

    Posted by sher-bear in Death  ID#:108976
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    "If I don't wake up tomorrow,
    tell them I'll be alright,
    a letter to the world,
    saying Jesus holds me tight,
    I've been through stormy weather,
    Through thick and through thin,
    If I don't wake up tomorrow,
    Tomorrow's not the end"

    Posted by Emokid in Death  ID#:24502
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    letting go doesnt mean forgetting means remembering the memories and talking about them..without crying.

    Posted by a_girl_who_loves_a_boy in Death  ID#:125896
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    Right now I'm in a better place,
    and though we seem apart,
    I'm closer than I ever was...
    I'm there inside your heart.

    I'm with you when you greet each day
    and while the sun shines bright.
    I'm there to share the sunsets too...
    I'm with you every night.

    The rainy days that we endured,
    the joyful times we shared--
    Just look inside your loving heart,
    and you will find me there.

    And when that day arrives
    that we are no longer are apart,
    I'll smile and hold you close to me...
    forever in my heart.

    Posted by Louise in Death  ID#:23950
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