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    Everything you can imagine is real...

    A few days ago by ♥♡StillMyFeelings♡♥ in Life  ID#:613843
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    To live and let live, to be and let be.
    Not all how I see, must another agree.
    We're all simply here, to live together.

    A few days ago by Anonymous in Life  ID#:613826
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    We are often let down by the most trusted people and loved by the most unexpected ones. Some make us cry for things that we haven't done, while others ignore our faults and just see our smile. Some leave us when we need them the most, while some stay with us even when ask them to leave. The world is a mixture of people. We just need to know which hand to shake and which hand to hold! After all that's life, learning to hold on and learning to let go.

    A few days ago by Prakhar236 in Life  ID#:613822
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    Life is not about riding ina BMW or Porsches. It’s about walking on a cold pleasant night, holding hands with your loved one, chatting, murmuring and whispering. Life is not about enjoying Five Star dining. It’s about, enjoying, laughing to your heart’s content, a simple coffee shop with all your friends, talking about everything and nothing. Yes, the joy you get here, you will not get in any of the world’s restaurants. Life is not about purchasing a luxurious huge gift on your wife’s birthday. It’s about the way you hold her in your arms, that one passionate hug and a gentle kiss. The loving words you whisper into her heart and making her feel loved. Life is not about having a night’s stay in an expensive luxury hotel. It’s about falling asleep in the arms of the one you love. Life is not about wearing an expensive couture bridal dress. It’s about saying those special vows and living by them through the good times and hard times. Life is not about wealth, property, money or richness. It’s about friendship, love, family, trust, faith and the little things that bring the biggest miracles into our lives.

    A few days ago by Prakhar236 in Life  ID#:613821
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    "I think we're all heroes, if you catch us at the right time"

    A few days ago by Country Kid in Life  ID#:613812
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    Sometimes you are
    unsatisfied with your life,
    while many people in
    this world are dreaming
    of living your life..

    A child on a farm sees
    a plane fly overhead &
    dreams of flying.
    But, a pilot on the plane sees
    the farmhouse & dreams
    of returning home.

    That's life!! Enjoy yours...
    If wealth is the secret to
    happiness, then the rich
    should be dancing on the
    But only poor kids do that.

    If power ensures security,
    then officials should walk
    But those who live simply, sleep soundly.

    If beauty and fame bring
    ideal relationships, then
    celebrities should have
    the best marriages.

    Live simply. Walk humbly.
    and love genuinely..!
    All good will come back
    to you...!!!

    Have a good day

    A few days ago by chigodfather in Life  ID#:613803
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    One who rolls when life rocks, are a rock when life rolls.

    A few days ago by Anonymous in Life  ID#:613794
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    The sweetest dreams sometimes appear awakend.

    A few days ago by Cani64 in Life  ID#:613773
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    Well we writers have defined life in many ways to our meaningful perceptions
    towards of how we or those before us lived
    but after all Life simply means two consecutive things, that is Happiness and Peace since is the greatest promised gift
    after life in paradise.

    A few days ago by Hloni in Life  ID#:613767
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    You'll never find peace in solitude. Laying around licking at old wounds.

    A few days ago by Anonymous in Life  ID#:613760

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