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    August 02, 2016- Tuesday @ 5:48 pm
    When you are feeling miserable because you desired to cry but your eyes would not dare shed a single drop of tear. When a final hug is finally given but you don’t want to let go because you know that it would be months or perhaps years that another hugs would happen, yet the luxury of time of being with that person longer has been snatched away from you. And all you can do is hug that person tightly and hopingly wish that parting ways will not happen and even wish that it is just a dream. Yet a coming true of a wish is as aloof as a blue moon would impossibly appear in the dark and cloudy night. This parting ways is a sweet misery, a misery in a way that a friendship will not be nurtured by togetherness but will be tested by time and distance of being apart. Sweet because of the avalanche of memories that came rushing back to you that had shaped the seemingly unbreakable bond of your friendship. The happy, the sad, the rivalry, the jealousy, the frustrating, the letting go, and many more moments that you’ve been together. Those bitter and sweet moments you shared together were remembered as if they just happened yesterday. As you relinquish her from having your arms around her and finally face her, only a smile that did not reach your eyes slip out of your lips. When only “God bless” escape from your mouth when you wanted to say more than those words to pour more blessings on her as she goes to the place where she desired that God has planted in the organ that pumps her blood. As she walked away without a second thought of looking back, you just cast your eyes downward hoping to hide the subtle melancholy that you felt inside. Feeling that a pair of eyes looking back to where you’re left off, you tried to gather yourself and waved enthusiastically to the assuring form from afar that some time in the near future you’ll meet again. When you almost let the sadness you felt in your inner being swallowed you and bring you into the oblivion of being alone, at last a voice from behind you awaken and brought you from the apparently unending chapter of your life to the moment of reality, saying “Let’s go.” And you turn your back, cast a final glance and finally you let out a genuine smile sneak out of your lips as a mark of that unforgettable minute that happened in the story of your life. You will always remember her as one of the thread, a beautiful thread, that God has used in weaving your life. She’s part of the tapestry that God is making.

    Posted by salter in Friendship  ID#:636915
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    Let life be without your trust

    Posted by Dr.Mohammed Abad Alrazak in Friendship  ID#:636729
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    You don't need one hundred friends who pretend they just need one who really is.

    Posted by Linda_Beth in Friendship  ID#:636676
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    Help your kids make good friends to grow up with, they will become best friends and that's the lifetime gift for them

    Posted by MiloudBahadi in Friendship  ID#:636582
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    There is nothing better than finding ideal friend within yourself

    Posted by MiloudBahadi in Friendship  ID#:636580
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    Friendship is more than just hanging out or having fun together its a lifetime contract of faithfulness under any circumstances .

    Posted by MiloudBahadi in Friendship  ID#:636578
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    My circle of friends is broken. That's where I let the new ones in.

    Posted by Linda_Beth in Friendship  ID#:636565
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    friend-ship, means you are in the same ship and willing to share lifejacket

    Posted by alexmwesigye in Friendship  ID#:636239
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    With your satiny hairs,
    You amble without a normal foot.
    But with a pristine look,
    Your big eyes shines luminously.
    Dear, Maybe people call you a handicap,
    I call those bullocks a madcap.
    Interestingly, what, I am a handicap mentally, here I reveal.
    Everyday I fight inside the close door when night falls.
    A few days ago your eyes have cried a lot,
    Let me clear here, you are a daring person.
    It gives me a reason to fight with his servants openly.
    You are a bizarre, I don't know you Monica Sharma.
    Though we did not shook our hands at all,
    But whenever these eyes squints you,
    A new story creates a History...

    Posted by Rkaurpunjaban in Friendship  ID#:635974
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    Good friends
    care for each other :)

    Posted by *♥BelievingInMiracles♥* in Friendship  ID#:635944

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