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    Being single is great, you’re free to do anything and you always find a time when you’re married friends needs you. It’s just that when you’re the one needing their time, they’re not always available. Life really isn’t always fair, even the people you treasure the most sometimes upsets you. Sad but true.

    More than a month ago by phengmmv  ID#:597642
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    A best friend is somebody who feels like a sibling to you - you might dislike them from time to time, but you will never, ever stop loving them.

    A best friend is somebody you can turn to when you're sad, without judgement or fear.

    A best friend is unlike other friends - no matter how much time is spent apart; you will always be together.

    More than a month ago by ecd  ID#:597303
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    That moment when he just sends a random message to say hello and put a smile on your face because he can sense there's something wrong.

    More than a month ago by LuluBelleC  ID#:597275
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    A person's true friend is his own pure human feature and the surrounding mother nature

    More than a month ago by Anujsomany  ID#:596989
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    When I want to be at home, I go to your house. When I have a bad day, you're the first one I call. When I have a stupid joke, you're the one I tell. When I'm in the mood for good food, I call you. Lets face it, if I didn't have you, I would be lifeless loser who talks to her dog to much for it to be socially acceptable. But I do have you, and I always will, because you are my best friend, and best friends never go away.

    More than a month ago by wallafala  ID#:596907
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    We may fight over petty things, we may be complete opposites, we may have different friends and different ideas for how to spend Saturday nights. But we both laugh at the stupidest things, we both like to eat too much for our bodies to handle, and we both love each other. We are not best friends, we are sisters. And we always will be.

    More than a month ago by wallafala  ID#:596906
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    Your my best and no one or nothing can change that. They all say that you cant have a best friend that lives somewhere else, but you can. Best friends are not suppose to always be together. When you are away you find out how much your friend ship really means to you.

    More than a month ago by faith92713  ID#:596900
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    I know that you are my best friend for too many reasons to name. For starters, I've never met anyone who can deal with me and my crazy self for more than an hour without getting annoyed, except you. I've never met another family who feels so much like family to me I can't go more than a day without seeing them, except yours. I have never met anyone able to make me smile when too sad to think, except you. But the most important thing of all, I've never had a friend as good and caring and loving as you, and I thank the world everyday, because without you, I don't wat I would do if you weren't always by my side.

    More than a month ago by wallafala  ID#:596858
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    Thank you thank you thank you.

    Thank you for being you and accepting me. Thank you for listening to me and letting me be me. Thank you for being silly and playful but also serious. Thank you for being so sweet. Thank you for trusting me and respecting me.

    You are special beyond words. I hope that you find someone who will treat you like a princess, make you feel like more than money can buy, fill your life with more happiness than you can bear, surround you with the love and admiration that you more than deserve.

    Thank you for your care and love, you are a diamond

    More than a month ago by LuluBelleC  ID#:596661
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    True friendship is measured in the number of all caps conversations you have for no apparent reason.

    More than a month ago by mckennahill  ID#:596557

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