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Thursday, February 11, 2016
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    The Soul Has A Mind Of Its Own

    A day ago by BlueSunSky in Memorial Day  ID#:629546
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    I wanted to know how it felt if I pretended not to care about you or what you do for a day because I was mad at myself for thinking I cared too much about you, but it seemed you didn't care at all, I don't know if I'm weak or if it's just that I have a big heart, I also have a big ego but I choose to put shade on it because of the damage it has done for me in the past , I have learned in the hardest way ever, I admit I'm not perfect because I'm only human, I'm also a jealous guy, sometimes secretive sometimes open about it. I have problem of not wanting to see myself in you, because I know myself well and as much as good as I try to be I'm also bad but I choose to be good although it's not perfect. I try to be humble because I know how it feels to be boastful, it eats up the inner peace. It's not like all I see is negative but I feel the edge of letting the truth be known even if it sounds negative because it is always the truth. I have anger but I choose to use to build myself into a better person, I criticize the bad because I can't let it outshine the good, when you are comfortable with other people I wonder if you would be the same with me because it's always an awkward silence between us as eyes gaze the phones, and headphones blasting music only to hide the pain inside, I love you and as human I need to know if you can love me more than I do, loving you so much is not a weakness but it's a strength, I guess all I need you to do is to believe in us more than anything and also believe in me as much as I believe in you. Sometimes I'm arrogant when I see you with other guys because the way they look at you from my point of view is like they are about to scoop a grand prize which doesn't belong to them, I guess I'll be on my man period. You are my queen and I think you know the royalty of queens they don't let their vision be limited by their environment even when in a foreign land or not a queen is always a queen no matter what, and a queen doesn't let anyone else touch her above the hand except the king himself. Where do you see us in five years, I believe if it's not the altar then it was just a dream, a dream that I most of all need to wake up from as soon as possible because if I date you my goal is to marry you, build with you, grow with you, I'm not dating you to pass time, I see potential in you. I have flaws and we both have all we have to do is work on each other till we find ourselves. I have had a rough past, I fear abandonment because I've had my own blood leave me without hesitation so I guess you could understand my insecurities. The only undeniable love of a woman I have had was of my mother and I worried if any other woman would love me the same way you do. It scares me but I have faith in us.

    A day ago by Kal-El in General  ID#:629542
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    Courage is convincing the mind to speak out at a time when it wishes to remain silent.

    A day ago by MrPibb in Courage  ID#:629540
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    “The greatest tragedies were written by the Greeks and Shakespeare...neither knew chocolate.”

    A day ago by GoodHuman in Love  ID#:629539
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    Stop.. breathe.. look around and embrace the miracle of each day, the miracle of life :)

    A day ago by *♥BelievingInMiracles♥* in Life  ID#:629538
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    The sun doesn't shine nor are the stars aligned just for you.

    A day ago by The_True_Me in Teamwork  ID#:629536
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    Health is the greatest wealth in this world

    A day ago by Swetagarg in Inspirational  ID#:629531
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    When a relationship ends, the competition of who can pretend to be happier on social media starts.......

    A day ago by GoodHuman in Humor  ID#:629530
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    Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.

    A day ago by Swetagarg in Inspirational  ID#:629529
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    I am the Richest man on earth because I am the Happiest man on earth. After all, isn’t Happiness the Greatest Wealth in Life? -RVM

    A day ago by rvmrvm in Inspirational  ID#:629528

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