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    A gift in this world so precious and rare,
    Is the love a daughter and father share,
    We shared that dad, you and I,
    From the day I was born till the day you died,
    You cared for us more than words can say,
    Your care, your love, we can never repay,
    God bless you Dad<3

    More than a year ago by SexxyMeGzZz  ID#:513883
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    Thank you for always believing in me...being proud of me...loving me unconditionally. Even if you are no longer with me...I always feel you by my side. You left me precious memories...your love will be my guide...I love you Dad...

    More than a year ago by GB_LIFE  ID#:513880
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    THANK YOU DAD......for all the times that you were there, for your support and all we shared. For everytime you humored me and had imaginary tea with my friends and me. For all the times you backed me up when Mom said no, you had my back. For everytime you dried my tears and played the clown so I don't frown. For teaching me about life that at times it may be tough, but I must make the best of it no matter what. There were the times we argued and did not see eye to eye...yet we both knew it was because we were so much alike.
    I was so fortunate and proud to call you Dad and grateful to God that I was a part of you...I miss you Dad...

    More than a year ago by GB_LIFE  ID#:513875
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    It's not fair, that on father's day, I will only be able to remember mine, while everyone else is making memories with theirs....

    More than a year ago by Fear*less  ID#:513712
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    Everyone thinks they have the best father in the world....and God wouldn't want it any other way.

    More than a year ago by Linda_Beth  ID#:513709
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    When I was younger I always called you Daddy, now that Im older Im almost to your shoulder, Id always cry to you when I was hurt, cause I always know your kisses worked. Id always either be on your lap or on your back but now that Im older I want to go back, back to those days where all I wanted to do was play. Thanks for always being there for me, and always comforting me when in need. Im sorry I make things hard, and Im sorry for being in cranky moods, and acting all rude. Im sorry for everything but what Im not sorry for is loveing you. =]

    More than a year ago by Awoww  ID#:512919
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    A father is someone who is proud to see you get your first car....but secretly wishes it had no keys.

    More than a year ago by Linda_Beth  ID#:512082
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    A father is the driving force of the family who is always content to take a back seat.

    More than a year ago by Linda_Beth  ID#:511532
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    Speaking to Single Fathers with Daughters: "Stop Complaining about how hard it is to find a good woman and focus more on raising a good woman"

    More than a year ago by newnew6104  ID#:511338
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    Boy n girl luv each other very much,but
    girl's dad not allow so they break up.after
    that girl kno that she hav problem with her
    heart n can live only 3month so she ask her
    dad to spend her last life wit her bf n dad
    agree cos he luv his daughter so girl n boy live very happy n girl's dad also
    happy cos see his daughter happy. 1lucky
    day, s.o dare to giv heart to girl so girl can
    live longer.
    The operation was successful n now girl can
    live longer so girl n boy decide to run away after the operation cos afraid that her dad
    wont allow them to live wit each other.
    10year later they hav a kid n decide to come
    back to ask for 4giveness n then she find
    out that her dad was died n leave one letter
    her, dear, my daughter
    i never kno that u luv ur bf like this, u never
    smile like this b4 now i kno tha ur bf can
    give u happenes that i cant, so to make u
    smile 4ever i decide to give this heart 4 u n
    hope u happy n hope u can spend last minute wit me after ur operation. Dad alway
    luv u.

    More than a year ago by Janthy  ID#:502709

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