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    What is a Father?
    He is the one that pats the dirt off your butt and says "Try again."

    Posted by Warvet in Fathers Day  ID#:514875
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    From start to finish.
    Always protected.
    Hero from day one.
    Everlasting love.
    Reaches out after many times of failure.

    Posted by Warvet in Fathers Day  ID#:514874
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    sometimes i thought u scolded me for no nw i realise there were reasons..

    many a times u made me feel so happy for so many nw i think nd realise there were no reasons....

    the only reason was ur love for me........luv u dad

    Posted by rohan_maheshwari in Fathers Day  ID#:514872
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    America's most confusing day:
    Father's day ..
    80% dont knw whom to wish ;)
    ... 20% r scared sum1 will cum n wish
    dem :-D

    Posted by maya_angkang in Fathers Day  ID#:514817
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    Home page | Group wall | Page wall | Friends wall; everywhere its flooding with FATHER'S DAY wishes. its good to see some people praising and wishing for their belove daddy. And on the other hand its sad to see some people crying deep inside after seeing all these WISHES and remembering their BELOVED DADDY. If tears could build a stairway to heaven we will surely climb up and bring back all our near and dear ones. I truly understand and feel that its very sad when a person who make us memory became a memory.

    A Daddy is someone who is there with arms open to catch us when we take our first steps or stumble. He holds back our hair when we are sick and brushes that hair when it is tangled. He let us eat ice cream for breakfast when mom is away. He is the one who walks us down the aisle and tell us everythings gonna be ok!!

    Remember!!! everyone can be a father, but it takes a lot to be a daddy.

    I wish each and every single of my FRIENDS, a very HAPPY FATHER'S DAY.

    Posted by maya_angkang in Fathers Day  ID#:514811
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    Dads are amazing. They have a special way of maneuvering through all the roadblocks you might create and refusing to stop until they reach your heart.

    Posted by Susan_Gale in Fathers Day  ID#:514790
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    Ode To Dad On Father's Day

    You taught me how to walk
    and taught me how to talk
    you taught me to be strong
    and read me books for hours long.

    You blew kisses on my scraped knees
    from falling off a bicycle
    You held me up and assured me
    that everything will be okay.

    You watched me reach for the star,
    Impossible it may be by far
    But you were there by my side
    With confidence you offered in stride.

    On this Father's Day dear dad,
    I am grateful for all that you've done,
    This world we're in may not be perfect,
    But I thank you endlessly for bringing me in it!

    Posted by bm1luv in Fathers Day  ID#:514270
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    A gift in this world so precious and rare,
    Is the love a daughter and father share,
    We shared that dad, you and I,
    From the day I was born till the day you died,
    You cared for us more than words can say,
    Your care, your love, we can never repay,
    God bless you Dad<3

    Posted by SexxyMeGzZz in Fathers Day  ID#:513883
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    Thank you for always believing in me...being proud of me...loving me unconditionally. Even if you are no longer with me...I always feel you by my side. You left me precious memories...your love will be my guide...I love you Dad...

    Posted by GB_LIFE in Fathers Day  ID#:513880
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    THANK YOU DAD......for all the times that you were there, for your support and all we shared. For everytime you humored me and had imaginary tea with my friends and me. For all the times you backed me up when Mom said no, you had my back. For everytime you dried my tears and played the clown so I don't frown. For teaching me about life that at times it may be tough, but I must make the best of it no matter what. There were the times we argued and did not see eye to eye...yet we both knew it was because we were so much alike.
    I was so fortunate and proud to call you Dad and grateful to God that I was a part of you...I miss you Dad...

    Posted by GB_LIFE in Fathers Day  ID#:513875

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