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    “Some days are meant to be counted, others are meant to be weighted.”

    A day ago by forgetmenotsremindmeofyou in Life  ID#:612450
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    Success always hugs you in private…but failure always slaps you in the public, that’s life.....!

    A day ago by ItzNIX in Life  ID#:612447
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    As I woke from my slumber
    Cold and sweaty,
    A sleep full of nightmares
    Left my heart beating heavy.
    I step to the bathroom
    To stare at the mirror,
    The image of a killer
    Couldn't be any clearer.
    Blood on my hands
    From deeds yet to be done
    Trapped in my mind
    Light no longer shines, the darkness has won.
    I feel like I'm blind
    Lost with no soul
    In a place with no time
    Hopeless, as I put the gun to my head,
    I've come to the conclusion
    That the only solution
    To end this madness and find peace is death.
    In my last moments, I crack a smile
    For happiness surely awaits,
    But to my surprise
    Once I close my eyes
    They open, and I awake.
    Body cold and sweaty
    Heart beating heavy
    As I sit up in my bed,
    Weary, as I begin to weep
    For a destiny I surely dread
    Cursed forever, to live with the monsters
    Trapped inside my head.

    A day ago by G in Life  ID#:612446
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    Sometimes a small token of kindness and connection is all that is needed to turn the day around.

    A day ago by Cani64 in Life  ID#:612416
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    Claim your space humbly and with a loving heart.

    A day ago by Cani64 in Life  ID#:612403
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    Then Mermaids Hear Their Final Call;

    Hm. I've started my day the same,
    Much like any of the ones before.
    I would take one look outside my window
    And wait for something different to happen.
    But this morning, instead of looking, I left.
    How are my days to be different?
    Maybe I shall keep on waiting.
    The time for change will start now.
    I can't be patient for another fraction of time.
    My body and heart may belong to the ocean,
    But my mind is with the world above us.

    Today I will take action and finally live among "the walker's"
    Though my young state, I've never belonged here.
    But I can hear it.
    The singing of the mermaids coursing through my brain.
    "Do not go" they always say "you are with us"
    Even though I hear these voices in a beautiful melody,
    There's always one sound that never quite fits.
    It's a quiet voice, but sings louder than the others.
    A girl from some where far calls to me.
    She tells me my place is no longer with the sea.
    I believe her.

    Every morning I would hear her,
    And every day that passes by, her voice grows fainter,
    Swallowed by the sweet songs of the mermaids and creatures,
    Singing to me for guidance and strength.
    I can no longer offer them anything.
    Today I want nothing more than to escape the blue waters,
    Exit this war of mine and follow the girl into peace.
    Today, I belong to "the walkers"

    Down here, I'm suppressed, limited.
    Unable to think for myself.
    My people, they're no longer mine.
    I've controlled this world with my power,
    Now I give my power to them.
    They would look to me and ask for help,
    So I would guide them with my voice.
    But this time, I'm the one being guided.
    Sung to by a strange voice
    That I look towards for guidance.

    I've been inspired to do much more than wait.
    To live a life of immortality, Just wasted,
    Is no option I've ever desired.
    I will sing to my people once more.
    I will tell them, that they are free from one less voice,
    But my heart will live on in the sea,
    To guide and help them.

    This is my final call,
    Before my tail will die,
    To be reborn into tails that can walk.
    So I can live among "the walkers".

    "Finally... I can be free"

    A day ago by evilgirluk in Life  ID#:612399
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    Love is a verb. Without
    action, it is merely a
    word :)

    A day ago by *♥BelievingInMiracles♥* in Life  ID#:612391
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    When life gets messy, I get down an dirty.

    A day ago by Anonymous in Life  ID#:612386
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    When reality bites, I bite back. I love anything I can sink my teeth into.

    A day ago by Anonymous in Life  ID#:612385
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    The most painful tears are those shed ALONE

    A few days ago by AmyClaire in Life  ID#:612384

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