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    It's not fair, that on father's day, I will only be able to remember mine, while everyone else is making memories with theirs....

    Posted by Fear*less in Fathers Day  ID#:513712
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    Everyone thinks they have the best father in the world....and God wouldn't want it any other way.

    Posted by Linda_Beth in Fathers Day  ID#:513709
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    When I was younger I always called you Daddy, now that Im older Im almost to your shoulder, Id always cry to you when I was hurt, cause I always know your kisses worked. Id always either be on your lap or on your back but now that Im older I want to go back, back to those days where all I wanted to do was play. Thanks for always being there for me, and always comforting me when in need. Im sorry I make things hard, and Im sorry for being in cranky moods, and acting all rude. Im sorry for everything but what Im not sorry for is loveing you. =]

    Posted by Awoww in Fathers Day  ID#:512919
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    A father is someone who is proud to see you get your first car....but secretly wishes it had no keys.

    Posted by Linda_Beth in Fathers Day  ID#:512082
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    A father is the driving force of the family who is always content to take a back seat.

    Posted by Linda_Beth in Fathers Day  ID#:511532
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    Speaking to Single Fathers with Daughters: "Stop Complaining about how hard it is to find a good woman and focus more on raising a good woman"

    Posted by newnew6104 in Fathers Day  ID#:511338
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    Boy n girl luv each other very much,but
    girl's dad not allow so they break up.after
    that girl kno that she hav problem with her
    heart n can live only 3month so she ask her
    dad to spend her last life wit her bf n dad
    agree cos he luv his daughter so girl n boy live very happy n girl's dad also
    happy cos see his daughter happy. 1lucky
    day, s.o dare to giv heart to girl so girl can
    live longer.
    The operation was successful n now girl can
    live longer so girl n boy decide to run away after the operation cos afraid that her dad
    wont allow them to live wit each other.
    10year later they hav a kid n decide to come
    back to ask for 4giveness n then she find
    out that her dad was died n leave one letter
    her, dear, my daughter
    i never kno that u luv ur bf like this, u never
    smile like this b4 now i kno tha ur bf can
    give u happenes that i cant, so to make u
    smile 4ever i decide to give this heart 4 u n
    hope u happy n hope u can spend last minute wit me after ur operation. Dad alway
    luv u.

    Posted by Janthy in Fathers Day  ID#:502709
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    For the best dad in the world

    You were there during my darkest days
    Watching every step i make
    Encouraging me to stand up whenever i stumble
    Giving me advice to better my self up
    You cry with me whenever I cry
    You were always my crying shoulder
    You always protect me,keep me safe from harm
    I may not understand you sometimes
    But i know you're doing whatever you are doing for my own good
    Thank you..
    You honed me into what i am right now
    I may not say "I lOVE you" everyday but I do
    And Im the greatest Fan of your life

    Posted by Anonymous in Fathers Day  ID#:501381
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    My memories of U are what I hold dear in my heart Dad, Its all I have left of U! Last year was a crazy year, I begged U to go to see a doctor U didn't want to, I now know why, U knew something was wrong, I was so mad at U, U gave up Dad! WHY would U leave me! I wanted so much to take your pain away ,,Day by Day I saw what U were going through and I felt so selfish for wanting to hold on to U,, and U in so much pain! I am sorry Daddy for wanting to hold on to the man I love so much to my protector, to the person that was always looking at me with pride in his eyes! I miss U so much,,, the day U died a piece of me died too. My memories of U are Mine,, U are UNFORGETTABLE! I Think of U every time I see a FATHER with his daughter!

    Posted by terrywar in Fathers Day  ID#:494494
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    A father is always making his baby into a little woman. And when she is a woman he turns her back again.

    Posted by galenlondeien in Fathers Day  ID#:484510

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