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    For the best dad in the world

    You were there during my darkest days
    Watching every step i make
    Encouraging me to stand up whenever i stumble
    Giving me advice to better my self up
    You cry with me whenever I cry
    You were always my crying shoulder
    You always protect me,keep me safe from harm
    I may not understand you sometimes
    But i know you're doing whatever you are doing for my own good
    Thank you..
    You honed me into what i am right now
    I may not say "I lOVE you" everyday but I do
    And Im the greatest Fan of your life

    More than a year ago by Liyah_L.  ID#:501381
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    My memories of U are what I hold dear in my heart Dad, Its all I have left of U! Last year was a crazy year, I begged U to go to see a doctor U didn't want to, I now know why, U knew something was wrong, I was so mad at U, U gave up Dad! WHY would U leave me! I wanted so much to take your pain away ,,Day by Day I saw what U were going through and I felt so selfish for wanting to hold on to U,, and U in so much pain! I am sorry Daddy for wanting to hold on to the man I love so much to my protector, to the person that was always looking at me with pride in his eyes! I miss U so much,,, the day U died a piece of me died too. My memories of U are Mine,, U are UNFORGETTABLE! I Think of U every time I see a FATHER with his daughter!

    More than a year ago by terrywar  ID#:494494
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    A father is always making his baby into a little woman. And when she is a woman he turns her back again.

    More than a year ago by galenlondeien  ID#:484510
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    dear dad - i just wanna say i miss you heaps . i wish i could give you a big cuddle but i can't . even tho i can't see you , your always with me , in my heart .
    you only get one dad , & im glad i got someone as amazing as you . i may have been taller then you , but i'll always be your little girl .
    i wish heaven had a phone so i could hear your voice again , i wish one day you'll come back too see me , but heaven's just too far away .
    i love you daddy .

    More than a year ago by xoxo.gossip.goat  ID#:472431
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    I just realized how I missed my father since he died!missed his advice,his dreams for us!wished we could meet again in 2nd life!

    More than a year ago by yram_ecarg  ID#:471747
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    When a man becomes a father, his life goes from wine, women, and song to apple juice, Miss Piggy, and musical toys.

    More than a year ago by Linda_Beth  ID#:467161
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    When my father didn't have my hand....he had my back.

    More than a year ago by Linda_Beth  ID#:466803
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    Yes, it is possible to be loved more that anybody else, more than everything is possible to find a man that will love you the way you wanted to, it is possible to be loved by a man unconditionally, it is possible to have the man of your is possible because it happened to me......I love you daddy!!!!!!

    More than a year ago by rowenagonzales75  ID#:466707
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    Once, an old man was siting on a bench of a garden with his 25 yrs old son, There was a tree beside d bench. Old man saw a bird siting on d tree.He asked d son,"what is dis?" Son replied, "its a crow".
    The old man again asked what is dis?" Son said, I already told u,that its a crow.
    The old man again asked what is dis ? Son angrily said, "r u deaf or mad, papa? How many times to tell u its a crow.Can't u understnd ?"
    Oldman, patiently replied,
    "my dear son,when u were 5yrs old,u asked me 174 times, d same question that what is this.I replid everytime with a kiss, that is a crow ! now, I asked u 3 times, and u were iritated. Its d difference b/w d love of parents and love from d children ! So please do your duty when ur parents r dependent on u.."
    Don't hurt them.
    Luv ur parents :) ¢¾

    More than a year ago by sechan  ID#:466123
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    Growing up I never had someone a could call "father" someone to hug me when i was sad . Someone other than my mother.. I've always wanted to have a necklace saying "daddy's little girl" or be called daddy's little girl .. But that'd be a lie wouldn't it ? All i want is the affection i never got . Growing up my sisters bullied me and always left me out, and i needed affection from that one special man in every little girl's life her father .. I know it's kinda late . But happy father's day to every great father in the world <3

    More than a year ago by l-Anonymous-l  ID#:465596

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