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The Best Christmas Quotes

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    oh christmas tree oh christmas why did you fall on top of me? You broke my leg,you killed my dog,you suffercated santa claus oh Christmas tree oh christmas why did you fall on top of me!!!!!!

    Posted by stephE  ID#:104904
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    Santa Claus is coming to town..he see's you when your sleeping and knows when ur awake he knows if you've been bad or good so be good for goodness sake.........sounds like Santa Claus is a stalker

    Posted by soccer_gal_8  ID#:253586
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    If a fat man comes up and puts u in a bag....dont worry! i told santa i wanted u for christmas :)))

    Posted by angelcutiegrl  ID#:252689
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    Christmas was great. I got nearly everything on my list, except for him...

    Posted by heartBROKENgurl  ID#:107283
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    a cute christmas story

    chris and steph have been friends for years,ever since 5th they grew older things started to change, they became closer. chris realized that he liked steph a lot, but never wanted to tell her because he was to scared. now that they are juniors in high school things were even more difficult...he loved steph..but he can't tell her because she didn't think of him like that. what chris didn't know was that steph secretly liked him too, its the classic teenage love story. friends for a long time they both fall for each other but can't tell one another because they don't want to lose what they have with one another. so a week or so before christmas, chris asked steph what she wanted. oh i don't know. she said...even though all she wanted for christmas was him...well come on, think of something! replied chris. then jokingly she said you. chris just stood there..steph felt embarassed..she couldn't believe she just said that...then chris said no really what do you want? laughing off what she has just said. steph was devastated...just then in that moment she thought that he didn't like her at all when she loved him with all her heart. she replied oh...nothing..i don't really want anything. and walked away crying. Chris couldn't believe that he missed his chance with telling her that he loved her, he felt terrible. soon enough christmas day comes. steph comes downstairs with her family to open presents. just then her mother gives her a card...she opened it "merry christmas!!! i hope you like your gift look behind the tree!"
    steph thought this was weird...soo she got up and went to go look behind the tree
    just then standing in front of her was chris. "you said all you wanted for christmas was me!we've always been friends but i've always wanted to tell you how much you mean to me more than you will ever know, i love you steph, merry christmas."

    Posted by kappa  ID#:149588
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    I want Santa to be real again.

    Posted by ILoveYou05  ID#:97780
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    Never forget what Christmas is about: The birth of Jesus Christ, our Savior.

    Posted by Sash-romancefreak  ID#:107801
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    Its Not What You Spend At Christmas, Its Who You Spend It With.

    Posted by Anonymous  ID#:347779
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    Santa, please! i wish when i wake up tomorrow, a cute guy is in my BIG socks

    Posted by elle93  ID#:347795
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    One of the least expensive but most valuable gifts we can give at Christmas time is the gift of time. In our busy world, the phrase, 'I don't have time to...' has become a universal excuse. Like a growing plant, any relationship between two people can thrive only if it receives constant care. A phone call to an unhappy friend or a short visit with an aunt who lives alone can be a great gift that costs very little.

    Posted by Anonymous  ID#:5755

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