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    If I…?

    If I give you a gun, will you pull the trigger?
    Does holding the gun make you feel bigger?
    If I give you a bat, will you beat me until I break?
    Does seeing my pain make you feel more awake?
    If I give you a knife, will you stab me in the back?
    Does murder make up for the things that you lack?
    If I give you a noose, will you put it around my throat?
    Does my death give you a reason to gloat?
    If I give you a pillow, will you smother me in my sleep?
    Does my suffocation give you something to reap?
    If I give you a pill, will you force me to swallow it?
    Does my scream make you feel much more legit?
    If I give you a syringe, will you stick it in my arm?
    Does injustice give you more of a charm?
    If I give you a razor, will you drain all of my blood?
    Does my lifeless body make you feel like a stud?
    If I give you a car, will you run over my body?
    Does seeing my life drain away make you feel less shoddy?
    If I give you a fire, will you burn me alive?
    Does witnessing my agony help you survive?
    If I give you some water, will you shove me under?
    Does my drowning make you feel like a wonder?
    If I give you reason on why I want to die
    Will you be the one to help me say good-bye…?

    Posted by EuReKa in Death  ID#:245671
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    The last thing I'll wish for before I die is that I had lived.

    Posted by Eileen in Death  ID#:23897
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    Don't worry about death, cause dying is easy. It's living that is hard.

    Posted by sdstrothers in Death  ID#:285573
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    Suicide is not a solution,
    Suicide is an end...

    Before a solution is found.

    Posted by tasteslikechicken in Death  ID#:60548
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    Why Do People Kill People Who Kill People To Show People That Killing People Is Wrong

    Posted by Ally4Jake in Death  ID#:153327
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    The bitterest tears shed over graves are for words left unsaid and deeds left undone.

    Posted by AAN628 in Death  ID#:42469
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    Have You Ever Thought. . . That When You Die. Who'd Be There At Your Funeral? Who Will Speak? Who Will Cry? And Who Will Still Be Loving You?

    Posted by ashlaaay808. in Death  ID#:231801
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    I learned a very important lesson.
    Never take your loved ones for granted because you never know when their hearts will stop beating, and you won't have a chance to say goodbye.

    Posted by xpinkl0vex in Death  ID#:143574
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    If there's a million reasons for you to go and only one for you to stay, then stay because that one reason could be the best thing that ever happened to you.

    Posted by chunkybungle in Death  ID#:34989
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    It was the night of our high school prom
    I took my best friend and u took your new girlfriend,u did't say hi or anything to me as u walked by my table.Later as the dance started to end u came up to me and asked r u mad at me?
    I didn't answer u I just looked a head.
    then u said "u can't be mad at me forever" still I didn't answer u...
    u reached down and took my hand come u said one last dance so we danced for the rest of the night u didn't even care that your girlfriend sat alone at you table. A slow song came on and u pulled me closer we danced till the song ended and the u said "I still love u" I looked at u and said nothing but deep down I still loved u as well...
    I looked for u after prom ended and couldn't find u I wanted to tell u that i still loved u too, then I saw u on the other side of the parking lot with her. Not caring I ran across just as a truck came speeding out of no where suddenly eveything went black I open my eyes I was standing beside u looking down at my body I took your hand and said I love you too I knew u could not hear me as I said this to you. but I knew u understood when u started to cry. After they covered my body and told eveyone that I was dead u walked away and sat down on the sand I walked over to u and sat down beside u. u looked into the sky and said to the night im sorry! I took your hand and looking into your face I said I still love u!

    Posted by Hermione2006 in Death  ID#:78863

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