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The Best Guilt Quotes

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    To tell someone you're sorry means that you regret doing what you did. However, that doesn't imply that you aren't going to do it again.

    Posted by lifeslessons  ID#:328507
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    Never "what if" the past. it will only drive you mad
    Never think of "what might have been" you'll lose too much sleep at night
    and NEVER reget what made you happy becuz everything you did was something that at one point made you happy.

    Posted by XxlovergurlxX  ID#:130432
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    Don't Be A Slave To Guilt.
    Many people will NEVER forgive you for your actions.
    That's why YOU have to.

    Posted by legilimens  ID#:147901
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    Is it worth trying so hard for something,when there will always be people who will do whatever they can to stop you.

    Posted by crying_smiles  ID#:262691
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    "We are left with a choice. Either let the guilt throw you back into the behavior that got you into trouble in the first place, or learn from the guilt and do your best to move on."

    Posted by sillygirl  ID#:154058
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    I'm sick and tired of the hiding behind walls of lies
    I am sick and tired of being who people want me to be
    I am sick and tired of living to these stereotypes
    I am sick and tired of trying to help other people, when no one bothers to reciprocate
    I am sick and tired of continuing the ways of a playa, because I'm afraid to ruin the one thing that I think I've done right in life

    Yes, I'm sick and tired of it all...
    But that doesn't mean that I am going to stop
    Because, most likely, I won't
    Call me shallow, call me weak, call me stupid, say that I have no right to possess the gift of poetry, of a writer

    Yes, I know all this, and I agree
    But when you've been through as much as I have
    When you live in the hell that I've created for myself
    When you been proven wrong on the fact that talking alone isnt insufficient to stop those you love most from abandoning you

    You hang on to what you know
    Yes, my life should be perfect, yes I have things that most don't have
    But I am afraid, that if I try to step from behing this wall
    People will see the disgrace I am
    Everyone will abandon me
    And I will have not even false happiness to hold on to

    So, which will it be, I must ask myself

    Lying to bend the truth of that which I really am
    Or take the chance to lose it all, for the sake to begin healing?

    Posted by prodigy  ID#:215724
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    empty heart is totally better than broken heart

    Posted by zal-lyn  ID#:326971
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    "You do care," said Dumbledore. "You care so much you feel as though you will bleed to death with the pain of it."

    Posted by whispered_song  ID#:287261
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    shut up, wipe those tears from your hazel eyes, print out a picture of him & throw darts at it until there's a hole in your f***ing bedroom wall. Look in the mirror and scream until you cant breathe, blast your favorite song and laugh. I want you to find yourself again. Because the girl i knew six months ago before she met that ***hole who changed her temporarily used to not give a s**t about what people say. He f***ing destroyed you, and nobody messes with my friends, give me his number; his life is about to be hell

    Posted by peacelovelaugh101  ID#:334008
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    what hurts the most being so close...and having so much to say.......and watching u walk away :((((((((((((

    Posted by mkm_1388  ID#:301328
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