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Recent Highlights: War Quotes

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    Peace doesn't mean its over

    Posted by Blue_Phantom  ID#:507533
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    Go ahead, put me down. But you're only hurting yourself. It's like digging in the quicksand. The deeper you dig, the faster you will drown. There's nothing left for you to pick when it's already gone.

    Posted by PThao24  ID#:497577
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    Honor...Faith...Land...Oil... Wars are fought for a number of reasons. But, on the battlefield; every soldier has to find his own.

    Posted by zakan2526  ID#:497307
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    Half of the battle is wanting something so badly that you are willing to fight for it.

    Posted by Linda_Beth  ID#:493550
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    war does not put an end to terror but allows it to spread further and put an end to us.

    Posted by Nohbody  ID#:489963
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    the enemy of my enemy, is my friend.

    Posted by Nohbody  ID#:487429
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    I'm ignoring you because its the only alternative to punching in the face

    Posted by tomorrow_is_too_far  ID#:487380
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    During a war,it doesn't matter whose side you are,you are always mistaken from very beginning.

    Posted by Gilgamesh  ID#:486923
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    Winning a battle without fighting is the greatest strategy

    Posted by Gilgamesh  ID#:486452
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    Julie was saying goodbye to her brother who was also going off to war. Jack, about the same age as her, looked at her with sad, longing eyes. Jack was dressed in an army uniform, just like many young men around him. He thought about going up to her but all he did was whisper, "I have loved her for so long. If only she knew." He turned away and hopped onto the bus headed to the airport. Her brother got onto the bus and sat next to him. "My name is Isaac. Sorry, do you mind if I sit here?" he asked.
    "I don't mind. Is that your sister?" Jack asked, pointing to Julie. He knew the answer. He already knew her. They were best friends. He thought she was the most beautiful girl in the world.
    "Yeah," he replied, "I'm going to miss her."
    There was an awkward silence until Isaac said, "Oh no, I forgot my jacket!"
    "There is still time to get it. The bus isn't leaving for a couple more minutes," Jack said.
    Isaac started to stand up. "Wait," said Jack. He pulled out a folded piece of paper from his pocket. "Your sister is still out there. Will you give this to her? She knows me. Please give it to her," he begged with pleading eyes.
    Isaac looked at him carefully then grabbed the note. "Okay I'll give it to her. Just make sure this bus doesn't leave without me," he said. Isaac ran down the aisle and jumped off the bus. He ran toward his sister who held his coat. From his own window, Jack watched Isaac get his coat and give the note to his sister. Isaac hugged his sister then ran back onto the bus.
    Jack watched as she opened the note and read it. His own heart beating so hard it hurt his chest. He saw tears in her eyes as she looked up. Her eyes moved from window to window as if searching for someone. Finally her eyes locked with Jack's. Jack put a hand on his window and smiled. She smiled back.
    The note was something Jack had written long ago. It told her about when he first met her and how they became best friends. It said how he fell for her and how he had kept it a secret because he didn't want to lose her. He had put down all his feelings and emotions into the note.
    This was the last thought that Jack had before he jumped in front of Isaac and took a bullet for him during the war. Isaac had dragged him behind cover. There, Jack told Isaac his last wishes.
    The bus arrived at the same gate where Isaac had given the note from Jack, to Julie. She stood there waiting to greet her brother. Isaac stepped off the bus.He walked up to her and hugged her tightly. When they pulled away she saw the expression on her brother's face.
    She asked, "Where's Jack?"
    "He died in battle," Isaac said with a sad tone. "He told me to tell you, 'I will love you even in the after life if there is one. If I am reincarnated, I will spend my whole life looking for you. I have a feeling I won't be able to, so move on if you actually do love me. I hope we meet again someday. Just know I will love you forever and nothing could ever change that.'" Isaac paused, "Did you love him?"
    Julie replied with tears running down her cheeks, "I have loved him for so long. If only he knew."

    Posted by FallingHappily  ID#:483632

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