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    The sorrow of death is still a small price to pay for the memories of a lifetime.

    A few days ago by Linda_Beth in Death  ID#:621407
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    Today a little butterfly flew by me.
    I thought to myself where have you been little butterfly.
    You come into this world as a cocoon all by yourself and blossom into
    this beautiful butterfly and fly off to see the world.
    What you don't realize little butterfly as you flutter through your days
    is how you touch those around you in your soft gentle way.
    You don't even realize the wonder and awe you create around you.
    she fluttered her wings toward me as if she was waving good-by as she
    headed towards the horizon.
    She looked very happy and content as she went on her way, as if to say
    to me "Don't worry I'll be okay".
    I was sad to see her go for she had touched my heart in such a way that
    I knew my life would never be the same.
    She had left an imprint of all the beauty life has to offer.
    I knew each time I looked at another butterfly or horizon I would
    remember our moment in time when it was only her and I.
    I knew I would be a better person all because this little butterfly flew by
    me one bright sunny day.

    Posted by in Death  ID#:620617
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    Its unwise to leave behind a mess of scorched earth.

    Posted by Anonymous in Death  ID#:620042
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    You are never truly forgotten until you are remembered.

    Posted by TheNameIsJessie in Death  ID#:618026
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    She sits in the corner with faraway eyes trying to maintain her fragile disguise. holding back tears all the while she sits calm on the outside dead within.

    Posted by jenchristine in Death  ID#:617872
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    Doing good things is as useful as a coffin to a dead person, it may make U look good but it can't change who you are (dead). First get your life right with God. Joseph Cubby

    Posted by Exitraining in Death  ID#:617697
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    A Husband sitting next to his wife who is about to give birth to their daugther.
    It was the evening in the snowy weather at their home and with their family and friends.
    As a sound from their baby was heard the husband hold the baby and let his wife to see her.
    As his wife's was dying after the birth of their child, he keeps blaming himself for her death and says he regret for meeting with her becaused he was the reason for her death and if he didn't meet her she would have live.
    Five years later
    The husband live alone without his daughter, he never came to pick her after school nor brought her to a playground.
    her daugther live with her granparents for nearly five years and almost all that time he keeps blaming himself for his wife's death.
    After a few time he finally take his daugther out for a walk in the city and the park.
    But when they are about to return home he said to his dauther "Now i finally ready to raising my daugther and won't regreting to meet with his wife".
    But at that time his daugther was also dying at her father's hug and said "Daddy I Love u" while her daugther was dying he realize the value of his daugther and what his granparents thaught that they gave up their dreams on him, but they say you're the one who should continue our dreams.
    Lessons learned:
    1. don't regret meeting someone, regret for not meeting someone.
    2. don't blame yourself for the death of someone else, it doesn't mean that you killed him/her, it means that his/her time is up in your life.

    Posted by Ari98123 in Death  ID#:617189
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    Death is life's full experience of the real world. Joseph Cubby

    Posted by Exitraining in Death  ID#:617053
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    You're gone, because you've passed on. But you passed something on to me before. So you will always be with me.

    Posted by RickNL in Death  ID#:616631
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    Birth and death are the most mysterious and extreme news in your life. About your birth, you will be last to know and about your death, you will be the first to know.

    Posted by Wohi Purana© in Death  ID#:615914
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