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    Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.

    A few hours ago by M@gi¢ 0f lyf£... in Faith  ID#:615552
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    When things don't go as planned there's a better plan in works.

    A day ago by The_True_Me in Faith  ID#:615468
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    1. In my dream, the Lord said that the greatest punishment for the deceivers was not being doubted or distrusted by others, but they were no longer able to believe [others]. He made them unable to distinguish between the truth and falsehood. He made them march towards the cliff of their own destruction when they thought their lives going uphill [getting better]. He made them live with their fabricated truths and ignorance only to attack them with a harsh reality when they were approaching their demises. The deceivers cried loudly asking for mercy and now they were telling the truth, but the Lord had made their words unheard even by the pious among you.
    2. O righteous people, protect the truth and those among you who always say the truth and do the right thing. Indeed, you will not gain anything by closing your eyes, ears, and mouth from what is true. The Lord will not only smite the deceivers, but also those who close their consciences from the truth [just to save their hides].
    3. The Lord promises the protection from thousands of His angels to those who defend the truth. He makes the pious have strong hearts even though they walked alone. He made their voices louder than all the lies and slanders that were echoed by the deceivers. He built a holy sanctuary for the pious to protect them from the deceivers and their lies. He made the righteous as a good example for the rest.
    4. O pious people, this [sacred] verse is passed down to the very few among you as a test to find and implement the truth. They who always cling to the words of the Lord will be able to distinguish the truth from the falsehood. It is indeed a real miracle possessed by few.
    5. Indeed, the deceivers live in the eternal lie. They have been transformed into a lie itself and by the lies they spoke, they will continue to be misled all their lives. The deceivers will always be suspicious of others, they will fight each other, and the Lord made their lives as an endless war.
    6. O righteous people, protect the right thing and those of you who always say and do the right thing. The Lord makes the sounds of your steps like the marching sounds of thousand combatants even though you walk alone. He makes your words like heavenly swords that slice all the lies. He makes the truth becomes yours so that none of the words from the deceivers could ever make you stumble.
    7. O righteous people, the Lord has commanded you to protect the people who speak the truth, the truth itself, and those who are being hurt by the deceivers. And do not turn your back from the truth; verily the Lord does not like those who turn away from the truth [to save themselves].

    A day ago by Jhanghiz in Faith  ID#:615383
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    A day ago by Prestige Words in Faith  ID#:615342
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    Thank you God for the ignited blessing light that's shining my life and for the blessing that keep my heart clear from hate or regret.

    A few days ago by Prestige Words in Faith  ID#:615066
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    May God heal and comfort everyone who is hurting, or in pain tonight and keep them in peace.

    A few days ago by Prestige Words in Faith  ID#:615065
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    sin is a perfect reflection of imperfection

    A few days ago by Jefferson in Faith  ID#:614500
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    Any thing done without reason is actually done by heart ❤

    A few days ago by sai94 in Faith  ID#:614427
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    I feel lost and confused.
    It seems like the harder I try,the worse things become....i wish I could gladly say things will be ok,but they won't. I feel so broken and only God can fix whatever is wrong with me...
    No one and nothing can fill the void in my heart...for a change,I want things to be easy......Mbalitethu

    A few days ago by Roezeay D in Faith  ID#:614411
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    As I lay there, slowly closing my eyes.
    I begin to hear, the softness of my cries.
    Only feeling, the cold air of night.
    Embracing me, locking me up tight.
    My hearts slowing, my life's fleeing.
    Was this it, the end of my being?
    What the, something's grabbing me.
    It has me, I cannot break free.
    The immense pain, of my searing skin.
    Beneath me, I can feel, a sinister grin.
    My heart stopped, it ceased to beat.
    Everything gone, except burning heat.
    Slowly, I began seeping under.
    My soul, falling into endless sunder.
    The ground shook, I was released.
    Only cold remained, the heat had ceased.
    In the distance, a light became known.
    Right before me, sat a golden throne.
    A cordial welcome, greeted me softly.
    Hello my child, the voice said warmly.
    The darkness is gone, there is only light.
    There is no strife, no longer a fight.
    For I'm home, finally forever free.
    With my God, seated next to me.

    A few days ago by Phantom1419 in Faith  ID#:614309
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