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    I've gone thru so much these last few months, that would break any man. Thank God I'm not just any man!

    A few hours ago by DraMatik_ in Men  ID#:618659
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    Real men are being extinct. Sooner or later they're going to have to put an example of one on display in a museum.

    A day ago by WillieDLIVE in Men  ID#:618516
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    How men manage to make them love us is an eternal mystery- especially the stupid, cruel, I-only-love-you-when-you're-naked ones.

    A few days ago by Allagenda-chan in Men  ID#:618105
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    Bread dough like men punch them down they'll rise again.

    Posted by The_True_Me in Men  ID#:617406
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    A suit doesn't make a man, a man makes a suit.

    Posted by The_True_Me in Men  ID#:616838
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    People looking for jobs, send out their CV. Women that don't know real men, but are looking for one, show their CV by their "see my V", which is a V-top revealing their breasts, then attract the wrong men. Joseph Cubby

    Posted by Exitraining in Men  ID#:616354
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    When a man say's "don't worry", start worrying. Joseph Cubby

    Posted by Exitraining in Men  ID#:616304
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    Apparently honesty is the best policy when all your lies don't work.! ;)

    Posted by TLM- The Lonely Me... in Men  ID#:616298
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    A man, without at least a pinch of femininity, will never be a gentleman.

    Posted by Malfatti in Men  ID#:614495
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    Just say what you've always wanted to...

    -No matter HOW outspoken we are, we will almost always want you to make the first move because we're afraid if we do, you won't like us and either will find us creepy, or if we're friends, won't want to be anymore.
    -If you tell us you like us, or ask us out, if we don't like you back, we will be SCARED to hurt you in any way. We will put it off, say we need time to think of it and chat with our gals before saying anything. If a girl is worth it she won't hurt you intentionally. But you might catch her off guard, so she might panick and say something she doesn't mean.
    -We can spend SO much time on our hair, and we hate it... but even if you don't care, we want to look our best in front of you. Same for our clothes, it annoys us but makes us feel good.
    -We LOVE fatty, sugary, unhealthy foods. So never tell us to diet, and never comment on it (United you're joking and we know it). But we love our fruits too, so don't just assume we live off of sh!t.
    -If you lead us on, we have friends and we will plot our revenge then track you seen as a pack. Don't risk it. You know we will.
    -Sometimes we just like to cuddle.
    -If we're upset, we usually want to talk and just have someone to listen, and a shoulder to cry on.
    -We will usually go to our girls to cry, to us crying in front of a guy is unattractive, off-putting and weakness. But if you cry in front of us we will be touched and secretly find it adorable that you trust us enough to cry in front of us. Then we'll hug you and find out what's wrong to try and help you.
    -We love being hugged from behind, but watch out for reflexes.
    -If you admit to being scared of something, you have just earned a place in our hearts. It's even more if you are facing your fear with us when you tell us.
    -We all hate being alone, and being in the dark.
    -If you do or say something you don't want us to know about, we already know. We have eyes and ears everywhere, all of our friends, know all of your friends through others, one way or another it's coming back to us.
    -We never stop thinking about you.
    -If you want to know if we like you, watch how we act. Ask our friends, they might just tell you because they'll know who we like. Ask other friends on how we act when we aren't with you. And if we're staring, we probably like you, but careful, we might be thinking.
    -Denial is our first defense, along with sarcasm and laughter.
    -We're much stronger than we look, but we can be fragile. Never tell us we aren't strong enough, because we see that as a challenge, we are competitive and determined.
    -We don't forget things. Don't forget that.
    -If you won't do something, don't expect us to unless you've got a damn good reason.
    -We like to rant and talk about our feelings, let us sometimes.
    -We don't mind letting you go out with your bros when you want to, but once in awhile let us come. And let us have our time too. And TELL us if you think we're being clingy, we'll try to stop.
    -We're usually really stressed because we feel like we need to do everything perfectly, even if it doesn't show, that's how we really feel.
    -If it's our time, don't ask. We will tell you if we feel like you need to know, otherwise we will be offended and upset.
    -If you are a pretender and act differently around us than you do others, you are OUT.
    -Our parents will want yo meet you sooner or later. Don't panic, they're acting mean to see if you are 'worthy' of th

    Posted by RockstarL in Men  ID#:614311
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