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    Men desire women, they stay till the desire fade away then will desire another.I know the truth is always hurt!!

    More than a week ago by Prestige Words  ID#:600770
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    "pain is either makes human immortal or it destroy humans mortality."

    More than a week ago by ajay jagpal  ID#:600225
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    A message to the MEN of the World... In order to have a good life you have to sacrifice for it! You want kids, you have to sacrifice for it, a good relationship and wife, YOU HAVE TO SACRIFICE for it, you want blessings to count, well they too need some sacrifice. But most of all you have to WANT it...alot of half ass men in the world. You give half you get half and become HALF! So that why you have a half ass life! Deal with it!

    More than a month ago by DraMatik_  ID#:599039
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    Letter to My Fellow Fathers:

    Dear Dads, they say trouble is on the way,
    I hear you have a pure and priceless gift and it is here to stay.
    Your treasure can not be hidden, locked away, or sheltered from the world,
    for your gift is a jewel in the form of a baby girl.
    Release your anger and put your guns away,
    because if you are incarcerated you can’t protect her anyway.
    Whether you wanted a daughter, a son, a child with good health and nothing more,
    it did not really matter because God had your plan in store.
    I say to the coolest playas and worst heart-breakers in the world,
    God gets us back; by giving us precious little girls.

    God’s punishment to all the men who have ever wronged a woman in their life is to give them daughters so that they can protect them from guys that are, who you were, the new generation of playas and heart-breakers. We get to learn what other parents had to go through when we were on the prowl for their daughters.
    Remember that a father has a special relationship with his daughter as she will judge all men by his standard.

    Don’t be a coward, accept the challenge as a man,
    and evaluate what you did wrong to women, so that you can better understand, what the cute, funny, guy at your door has planned.
    You will have doubts, as well as some fears,
    you will not always know what to do, or the right thing to say,
    but be mindful of your actions, so that they don’t push your daughter away.
    When you feel like punishing her or giving him a body blow, remember the old saying, You Reap What You Sow!

    More than a month ago by Anonymous  ID#:598716
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    It's time for men to start telling the truth to boys, and stop lying to each other, and ourselves about the most effective ways to get along with women.

    More than a month ago by WillieDLIVE  ID#:596592
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    To be clear

    Age is just the number of years you have been here on this earth and still choose not to learn from the same repetitive experiences .. you should not be a 62 year old male and still acting like you are a philander feeling the need to have your ego stroked or be validated for approval and yet You don't even like You.

    You are Not a Man! You are a Male!

    A man has self discipline, take care of responsibilities and initiates the principles that matters in life and knows when to walk away before something comes up in his life and then he is forced to walk away

    His Yes is Yes and His No is No.

    A Male has no control no discipline and thinks it's the many women that he had or have that makes him a man and doesn't know where he belongs in his own mind ..

    Therefore his body has been all over the place and still yet at this age doesn't no where he want to be distracted and inconsistent and continues to create what he doesn't want in his life because of lack of understanding in what it is to be a real man and ends up where he doesn't want to be ..but refuse to learn and never in the mood to learn what he thinks he knows..


    You should not be a 62 year old male and still don't get it you're either going to wish you had listened or you're going to feel it.

    I'm just saying..

    More than a month ago by Sweet Dee  ID#:592349
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    The truth is the guardian of justice, when justice prevails

    More than a month ago by Dr.Mohammed Abad Alrazak  ID#:591615
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    You are not a real man because you have lots of women ...
    You are a real man because you treat the woman you're with like she's every mans woman

    More than a month ago by Sweet Dee  ID#:590555
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    a boy makes a baby

    but a man raises one

    More than a month ago by princ£ emmanu£l  ID#:583935
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    I Don't Exercise To Be Healthy, But I Exercise To Look As Sexy As F*** When I am Naked...

    More than 6 months ago by 143avi  ID#:580251
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