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    Bedtime is when God turns off the sunlight and turns on the moonlight.

    A few hours ago by Linda_Beth in Nature  ID#:636665
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    i was still there with you when everyone turned their back but the sad part is you are
    never ever there for me .

    A few hours ago by tuki in Nature  ID#:636651
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    Try as we may
    Try as we might
    we just can't turn
    Day into night
    We're only human
    Woman and man
    The sun and the moon
    are the only ones who can

    A few days ago by Linda_Beth in Nature  ID#:636545
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    When you are one with nature....any other place seems insignificant.

    A few days ago by Linda_Beth in Nature  ID#:636544
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    Like every other day that has gone on before, we must also let go of this matter how beautiful it was.

    A few days ago by Linda_Beth in Nature  ID#:636542
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    The Owl
    The sun’s incessant blinding light is unbearable to my sensitive eyes
    I must be patient, move without movement into leafy shade
    With patience and forbearance I endure the glare
    Talon by gripping talon I move seeking relief, waiting, for sunset is due
    My daytime perch to be exchanged for hunting too whit too woo

    Throughout the aeons and ages of mans recorded existence
    About my true being mystery wonderment and confusion abound
    Prophet of death, harbinger of doom and despair
    Sagacity, foresight, wisdom and perception
    Misguided mankind characterises me with varied description

    Nightfall has thankfully shrouded my world in semi darkness
    I silently unfold and flex my wings in preparation for flight
    Leading and trailing edges well preened will muffle the sound of my swoop
    Eyes opened wide, ears attuned, weaponry aligned to home in on my prey
    Rats, mice lizards and moles my senses are alert my hapless victim to slay

    My effigy carved in wood, malachite and jade adorns many a homestead
    Proof that I am admired be-wondered or even perchance revered
    Athena Veda and Gyan, Noctua Aleem and Ulula
    I have even been dubbed Thief for stealing a rose
    But Owl I remain whether in rhyming verse or in prose

    A movement detected, slightest of sounds unheard by human ears
    I launch into the air in noiseless flight, a swooping dive
    My aim is on target claws dug deep with deadly purchase
    I lift my repast homewards and make for my nest
    With thanks to the Master my hunger supressed

    The timbre of my call is a constant, defining my territory
    Constrained in time between the dusk and the dawning
    Sustainable morsels to keep me alive
    All manner of rodents and smaller creatures into my vision stray
    My promise to mankind to keep vermin at bay

    Omen from the dead and ever impending gloom
    Wisdom, sagacity, foresight and stealth
    Too wit too woo, to wit to woo
    Mythology and folklore give you no relief
    How you regard me is dependent on your belief

    Terry Goldie Feb 2016

    A few days ago by Terrygoldie in Nature  ID#:636197
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    The rising suns radiant rays of light create a crisscross pattern on the azure surface
    Dappled gently rolling wavelets lap and slap onto a glistening pebble bestrewn beach
    Hermit and Ghost crabs forage amongst heaps of previously digested mounds of sea-sand
    The dawn of yet another idyllically, peaceful perfect day
    Just like yesterday, the day before, and the days before that, the same

    Inshore anchorages are idle reflections mirror like of Long-tail trawlers and Banana boats
    They swing in lazy oscillations, to and fro on their flaccid moorings
    Slumbering Ching Chang fishermen have yet to stir and greet the first light
    Pomarine Skuas and Brown Headed Gulls perch on the rocks
    High in the sky giant Frigate birds soar while below fly Cormorant flocks

    Casuarinas, Date and Coconut Palms look down on the gentle surge of the ebbing tide
    Undersea multi-coloured anemones gaze up at Manta Rays in undulating flight
    Orange Snapper and white striped Trumpet fish mock Murray eels in their holes
    Dragon fish and Turtles, Black Marlin and Blowfish abound
    Blissfully unaware of the formation of any undersea mound

    Deep down below in the dark black abysmal oceanic depths in the ring of fire
    Un-periodic and at rest Sima and Sial crust congealed, support the globe’s lithosphere
    Tectonic plates hold their position despite the pressure from the magna
    A fearsome force of molten ore searching for cracks to break the seal
    Fissures and vents appear to mount an attack on mother earth’s Achilles heel

    One plate collapses under enormous force another slides under to take its place
    A massive instantaneous incomprehensible displacement of seawater results
    A killer wave begins radiating from the source of the unexpected disruption
    Permeating in ever increasing speed rising in strength to exert its wrath
    No mercy to kingdom or creed to maim and destroy what lies in its path

    Thanks to science and seismic sensors, deep-sea tidal gauges and satellites
    Threatening movements above the norm cause a measure of impending doom
    The graph crosses its prescribed limit and initiates a surface buoy code
    A transmitter amplifies and despatches the alert via radio signals
    Ground station receivers convey warnings in hope to believers

    The initiated strident mournful wale of a siren blares out its terrifying message
    Hundreds of decibels wrench the yet still air sinusoidaly, rising and falling
    Run, run, the locals scream flee: “hning hning” run for your very life seek higher ground, flee
    Pandemonium chaos and some regulated and practiced escape routines
    Will this frightening racing rearing mass of water spare any human beings

    The intelligence of man is challenged in his ability to sense and timeously react
    Infrastructure must allow for alerting the last visitor lying on his beach-towel
    Only when we can truly predict cataclysmic events can we rest in peace
    To be proactive in the prediction of disasters lies in the realm of foretelling the future
    Before the rose thorn prick allow for the suture

    Terry Goldie Feb 2016

    A few days ago by Terrygoldie in Nature  ID#:636196
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    God created man in His own image. By manipulating genomes man will create creatures in any image he desires and a thousand times faster. Gone are the days of Darwin and his rare spontaneous mutations, and slow natural selection.The invention of the tools of genetic engineering by man is homologous in nature to cell's 'invention' of enzymes.

    A few days ago by boghos_L.artinian in Nature  ID#:636178
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    Consciousness is the alleviated variant of pain

    Posted by boghos_L.artinian in Nature  ID#:635973
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    Let our intention be to always learn from nature and its profound intelligence; it is our natural teacher.

    Posted by adrian mcginn in Nature  ID#:635743
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