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    Search for God, You will find HIM in Everything

    More than an hour ago by Julie Jenifer in Religion  ID#:633697
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    "Religion: When a book becomes your God!"
    – Thomas Schön

    A day ago by thomasschon in Religion  ID#:633567
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    Dogma is an adulteration of already muddy information for the sake of its owners propagation.
    Ranking still as the most commonly accepted pyramid scheme celebrated today.

    Posted by Immortal Inquiry in Religion  ID#:632763
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    Religion seems contextually insufficient to wholly divulge the mysterious phenomena, for it has ceased continuous growth.

    Posted by Immortal Inquiry in Religion  ID#:632755
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    Truth can not be fanatic.

    Posted by saif_ali in Religion  ID#:631767
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    If you couldn't ask God one question, what would it be?

    Posted by Chris_Childs in Religion  ID#:630287
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    Be not like those who did not have real problems in their lives, so they made their own (trivial) problems. They exaggerated their problems to gain unnecessary attentions or to pity themselves. If ye have not suffered from poverty, or been in a life threatening situation, or lost your most important posession, ye have yet tasted despair. Verily, your problem is like a debris in the sky. Ye can be part of it (the problem) or ye can be the grace everyone is looking for. Better is he who lends a hand. And the best is he who endures the pain, remembers his Lord, and thrives. The Most High knows the load that ye carry.

    Posted by Jhanghiz in Religion  ID#:630185
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    Knew ye all that ye are all brothers and sisters in humanity. Your belief or lack thereof in the Unseen is simply personal. Be not like those who spread [divine messages] through aggression and falsehood as it would lead to enmity and harden one's heart. If ye are a good person who upholds the universal values of justice, truth, equality, kindness to fellow men but ye do not find the Truth in your lifetime, ye will simply be judged by your actions against these universal principles. The Most High is self-sufficient. He does not need defending.

    Posted by Jhanghiz in Religion  ID#:630042
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    My religion is Simple.
    My religion is Love.

    Posted by princecharles in Religion  ID#:630009
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    We have forgotten about the past the past like it never existed, our background is important because it has everything to do with us even though we can choose for it not to define us especially if it's a bad one, I'm mostly surprised by my generation especially my roots the African generation, we have forgotten about our past and we have adapted the system of the other worlds, there's a tradition from where we come from, and knowingly we have the physical, mental and spiritual levels, and I've seen my generation ignore the fact that they have a background whether good or evil, well at least if your background is good then you have less worries but if it's a bad or evil one then you have to be gear up and see that it doesn't affect your wellbeing, because from where we come from there is a spiritual level and whether you like it or not it will affect you, if you don't work on it, what do I mean work on it? I mean pray about it to God the creator of all. Talk about the names we were given at birth , they have a spirit behind them especially the last names of our fore fathers, so sometimes if you are not careful that name might be the reason why you fail in life to be whomever you want to be or achieve anything, and my generation has become reluctant rather ignorant about where they come from that there's a spirit, and surely it will haunt you for all the days of your life just because you think it doesn't exist, yet it's running and controlling your life, because of the media and technology you have adapted the western cultures and for them such is merely a suggestion, so you have forgotten your background because you are living the high life that you see on the TV, internet or the overseas places that you temporary living or studying, well let me burst that bubble, if you are from Africa and you knowingly that there's a culture, the spirit behind that culture will always follow you wherever you are as long as you don't work on it, and just because you have been on planes, cars and far away from home, that doesn't mean a thing that the spirit won't affect you, it will and if you let it will haunt you, ruin you or even kill you. You see the thing is the spirit doesn't rest at all , so you are actually in bigger trouble than you think, it will not let you go free because you wearing classic, casual or formal clothing etc., no it doesn't work like that, the only way is to pray about it and everything, because Jesus Christ is Lord.

    Posted by Kal-El in Religion  ID#:629543
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