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    strong words alone do not change anything unless they are in CAPITAL LETTERS

    A few hours ago by alexmwesigye in Wisdom  ID#:636237
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    Everything you'll ever need to know is within you; the secrets of the universe are imprinted on the cells of your body.

    A few hours ago by TeenageDream in Wisdom  ID#:636234
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    Focus on your GOALs dont look any direction but ahead.

    A day ago by FrankL in Wisdom  ID#:636215
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    Let go mentally of those thoughts which are not serving your inner calmness

    A day ago by Cani64 in Wisdom  ID#:636206
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    Word Painting
    A tranquil landscape fills my imagination
    Easel set up to paint my creation
    Canvas stretched taut a pristine foundation
    Brushes laid out in due preparation
    Oil paints selected palette application

    A tranquil landscape fills my imagination
    A poem to compose my aspiration
    No pen in hand no paper illustration
    My Laptop and mouse full cooperation
    Online thesaurus a valuable contribution

    Broad brush strokes wash the background
    Azure the sky shades of brown the foreground
    A break in the clouds sunrays earthbound
    Finite detail complete the compound
    Detailed inclusions the image to expound

    Conclusion debated it must have meaning
    Millions of words deliberated screening
    Maintain the title imbue the feeling
    A struggle retaining subject in keeping
    My poem must have appealing

    Colours blending to find exact hue
    I stand back to do a preview
    Oh dear a spot of Prussian blue
    Turpentine and rag the blot to subdue
    Finally filling in shading anew

    Descriptive nouns describe the scene
    Words depict colours like emerald green
    Or instantly changed by a swipe of my mouse
    Perhaps I should add a rundown blockhouse
    Flying fingers include feeding grouse

    Artist and poet their mediums are dissimilar
    The artist will argue poems require a listener
    The poet will argue paintings are insular
    Well may their methods be worlds apart
    Nevertheless both are works of art

    Terry Goldie Mar 2016

    A day ago by Terrygoldie in Wisdom  ID#:636198
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    When I look back on my life, I see pain, mistakes and heart ache. When I look in the mirror, I see strength, learned lessons, and pride in myself.”

    A day ago by TeenageDream in Wisdom  ID#:636168
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    Love and wisdom are limitless when collective consciousness works in unity.

    A day ago by MrPibb in Wisdom  ID#:636095
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    Scars remind us of where weve been not of were we are going.

    A day ago by TeenageDream in Wisdom  ID#:636087
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    It takes a very strong man to love a broken woman. To not give up on her even when shes given up on herself. To see the pain even through her fake smile.To see the potential in her when she lost it. I try not to let the guilt get the best of me. Im learning to love myself again everyday. I have no regrets only lessons learned. I will continue to learn from my mistakes. And grow to become who I allready am under all of this bulls**t, pain, and trauma. I dont feel alone anymore.

    A day ago by TeenageDream in Wisdom  ID#:636086
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    Control your mind or others will.
    This quote was made September 22,2016. I choose now to let go of all the pain and move forward. Ive had enough Wisdom from technology. The Wisdom I allready had was enough to get me to where I needed to be. The Wisdom I learned through life. I still believed him though even when everything and everyone said not to. It still hurts me that he didnt beleive me and made me doubt what I allready knew. The doubts and the dishonesty turned around on me. Were the worst of them all. However he is my human reflection. You know when the ones that love you are lieing to you. If he would have just been honest with me. Instead of me having to learn things the hard way. But I never listen to words anyway. I Trust actions. And im very hard headed. None of us are perfect we all make mistakes we live and learn to do better. The doubts he had about me when I had done nothing to ever betray him. Thats what hurt the most of all. But unfortunatley I cant say much because hes just like me. It all happened for a reason. I have no regrets but to keep the lesson I learned. Which is to Trust in yourself, your heart and your own mind and Soul. There you will find all the answers you ever need.

    A few days ago by TeenageDream in Wisdom  ID#:636023
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