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    Here he comes now
    The bum on the street
    Up and down he's looking for me
    He's so hairy and filthy all I can say is
    I just wish he would go away
    Smelling like dirt and looking like crime, woo
    Smelling like something that should be underneath a mine
    It's just a matter of time before he goes jail
    They always do
    Oh well
    Want me to pay your bail?
    Get you out and set you free
    Ha, ha you must be mad
    You don't know me
    Talking that crap like you're so fine
    Guess what honey,
    You can kiss my uppity behind
    There you go again mistaken me for somebody who's a fool
    Like I'm uneducated and haven't gone to school
    Well, let me just school you right now and let's be frank
    You're Crazy
    I've got more sense than you think
    I'm sick of bums and I'm sick of YOU
    You need to get a way from me That's what you need to do
    I've had enough of you ruining my life
    Talking that trash about me being your wife
    You know darn well you aren't going to marry me
    You're just talking that stuff so I can set you free
    Soon as I pay that money and you're on the street
    You're looking up someone else's skirt as fast as can be
    Walking around like you're high society
    You're really not all that
    You're just another bumblebee
    Ahh, making that honey and stinging them as you go
    You're a player
    I know
    You're a BUM
    Refusing to work, you do nothing
    Living off of me
    Like I'm supposed to take care of you
    Like I owe you something
    Let me get this straight and let you know, I owe you nothing your a loser, a midnight cruiser
    Coming through here like you choose her
    You didn't choose me I chose you
    I knew what you were when I saw you
    Just another creep getting by
    But I took you in because I had the time
    I was bored, so, I needed something to do
    And you filled the gap, but now you're through
    So, you need to pack your bags and be on your way
    Cause like I said you're just another filthy rag, a waste of my day
    In fact, you're just a half stepping piece of trash
    You're just another one of those bridges that passed me by as I flagged for cab
    Hoping that maybe you can get in and get a ride to get out the cold HaHa
    Let me tell you those lines you gave me they're so old
    Like yesterday's newspaper thrown in the trash
    Oh yeah, you thought it was a gas
    There you go again looking for something
    But you know what you found out you've got absolutely nothing
    Yeah, I played around a for a little while
    I played along with the game, but now it's over cause you're so lame
    You have nothing, nothing for me
    All you got is pain and nothing but misery
    Well, I had enough of that
    All my life
    Struggling, surviving to be what?
    To be some bum's wife
    Ha, You must be mad
    You must've of lost your mind
    I already paid my due, I did my time
    So, let me go and let me be free
    Because one thing I don't need is you
    And you're not about to get me.

    A day ago by Tracesder  ID#:609921
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    I don't drugs. I do.

    A few days ago by @n0nym0us  ID#:609036
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    There are answers for which there are no questions.

    A few days ago by Malfatti  ID#:608572
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    One day I'll find my prince charming, even if takes one frog at a time.

    Posted by Lone Angel  ID#:608325
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    He who believes that the past cannot be changed ,

    has not played Prince of Persia yet... :p ;) B)

    Posted by TLM- The Lonely Me...  ID#:608206
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    A woman without a
    man is like a fish without
    a bicycle.

    Posted by TLM- The Lonely Me...  ID#:608174
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    You can't have everything...
    where would you put it?

    Posted by TLM- The Lonely Me...  ID#:608160
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    I'm not clumsy. it's just the floor hates me, the tables and chairs are bullies, and the wall gets in the way.

    Posted by SilverSteel  ID#:607760
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    If u were a s**t, i wouldn't flush the toilet. <3<3

    Posted by frenculo  ID#:607435
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    That awkward moment when you wait for a text but you realize you’re the one that didn’t reply.

    Posted by ItsmeJuewendy95  ID#:607403
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