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    Let Love Win

    A few hours ago by Cani64 in Love  ID#:638822
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    Maybe it's the weather
    That changes the wind of this flower
    That use to bring us close to together
    Now i'm trapped in this endless tower
    Standing around waiting for a change
    Sweet scent of rose where are you?
    Without you everything seems strange

    Maybe it's the sun
    That changes the color of this flower
    Have i not told you that you're the one
    Im counting until that hour
    Sweet rose all this and more i admit
    I have been living for this moment
    I don't know how long i can take it

    My very sweet has been devoured
    My garden of paradise has been deflowered
    Sent this letter to whom it regards
    My behavior seems rather bizarre
    ever since you left me behind
    Because of you i lost my mind
    My beautiful darling rose
    For you my heart glows

    A day ago by Fire_Nation in Love  ID#:638805
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    A poem for my girlfriend - "The Deep Within"

    I'm lying in my bed
    Wishing I had never woken
    Misunderstandings goes through my head
    As they starts making me feel a little broken

    I can no longer sleep at nights
    My stomach feels a bit nervous and weak
    Even though I can see the lights
    Maybe because that's all I seek

    The days you had me smile
    In countless eternities and matters
    You brought me another a mile
    Keeping my heart from its shatters

    All the talks we've had
    All the happiness I felt
    I can't ever be mad
    Since you always had me melt

    You finding me, I never thought
    Searched through the crowd, you really did
    In darkness, love I was never taught
    Still my candles forever lit

    No matter your "dere" type
    Your name will remain painted on my heart
    No-where close a stereotype
    Always will you be my part

    I will always be waiting
    Regardless the seconds, days and years
    Still my heart pulsating
    Maybe soon, you'll see my precious tears

    The way you speak and behave, the way you are
    Kindness, sweetness, you sure are more
    I've been chasing you from a far
    Watching you fly of the shore

    You showed me the horizon
    A sight so beautiful
    You are the warmth and shining sun
    Makes me comfortable as usual

    You will forever be my life
    But.. Will you also be my wife?

    A day ago by Norakis in Love  ID#:638801
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    Find someone that runs towards you not away from you. Don't chase anyone!

    A day ago by Davis101 in Love  ID#:638787
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    The Silence, The Look, The Smile can outplay any Word...

    A day ago by Cani64 in Love  ID#:638764
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    Its not like I love you or anything,

    Its just easier to breathe when you are around.

    A day ago by Gravity_fall in Love  ID#:638713
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    I wish falling in love had traffic lights too, so that I would know if I should Go for it, slow down, or just STOP

    A day ago by jjgirl3202 in Love  ID#:638689
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    The right people make you want to throw away the plans you originally had for one and follow them into the hazy, unknown future without a glance backwards.

    Because when someone is right for us, we make the time to let them into our lives. And that kind of timing is always right.

    A day ago by Cani64 in Love  ID#:638670
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    Never lose hope!
    The day I first met her I knew I liked her, we quickly became best friends and it didn't take me long to fall in love. I thought nothing would ever come of it.

    4 Years later we were drunk and kissed, the next day we talked about it and it turns out she had feelings too but she was moving away for university so we wouldn't take it any further, I thought there was no chance anything would happen now for sure.

    3 years after that we ended up kissing again and it turns out we are both still in love and now she is finishing university soon we are talking about moving in together.

    Never lose hope and give up! what might seem impossible now might happen one day!

    A few days ago by f-e-a-r in Love  ID#:638650
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    You Can't Always Choose Who You Love,
    Sometimes... Love Just Chooses You. 

    A few days ago by superdraco62 in Love  ID#:638643
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