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    The scariest thing about distance is You don't know whether they'll miss You or forget about You

    Posted by Cani64 in Movies  ID#:627097
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    We may not have the past together, but we will have a future.

    Posted by Rangan in Movies  ID#:626768
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    You´re the weak one. You´ll never know love, or friendship, and I feel sorry for you.

    Posted by LisetteH in Movies  ID#:624856
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    Dying is the day worth living for.

    Posted by LisetteH in Movies  ID#:624854
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    You’re right!

    What I’m about to do, it doesn’t make any sense, it’s not logical. It’s a GUT feeling. I have no idea what I’m supposed to do. I only know what I CAN do."

    The Enterprise and her crew need someone in that chair that knows what he’s doing. And it’s not me.

    It’s you, Spock.

    Posted by Reis_Salvin in Movies  ID#:621893
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    So I was on Pinterest and:
    Stepmother: i'm locking u in here
    Cinderella: ok
    Stepmother: and i changed the wifi password
    Cinderella *gasp* NOOO!

    Posted by Allagenda-chan in Movies  ID#:618106
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    P a r t 2

    I wrapped my arms around his muscular torso while we drive along the street.

    The fresh air plays with my hair and makes me cool down a bit.

    After about 15 minutes we arrive in front of a big and a bit f***ed up prison.

    " Do you think they'll be ok with it?" I ask nervous and jump off the bike

    " With what?"

    " That I'm here"

    " Yeah think so" He mumbles

    We cross that grass part, I just follow him because I know about Georgia as much as I know about Geographics, almost nothing.

    He openes the door and every head turns into our direction.

    They look at me confused.

    " That's (Y/N), found her on the road" Daryl explains

    " Welcome pretty, I'm Carol, that's Carl, Glenn, Rick, Maggie, Beth and that's Daryl like you already know" Carol sais nicely and gives me a warm hug.

    " Yeah thanks, nice to meet you" I answere and look around suprised

    " Sit down, you must be tired" Rick sais makes some space next to him

    " Soooo what's your Story?" He continues

    " Like everything from birth to now or just that apocalypse s**t?"

    " Apocalypse s**t would be nice" He smiles.

    " Well, I was in Manhattan when it started. I went out with friends and when I was inside a gas station with my brother and 2 of my friends about 5 walkers attacked the rest of us. Couple hours later Manhattan was full of walkers so we just packed some stuff and drove away. And now I'm the only one who survived from us"

    " And...and what about your parents?" Carl askes

    " I don't know"

    " I'm sorry" he adds

    I just give him a smile and look through the group.

    Daryl's leaning against a wall but lookes away when i look at him.

    I hear a baby cry and look confused at Rick.

    " It' s Judith" Carol laughs and rans up the stairs

    " She won't have an easy life" Daryl sais and disappears in a cell

    He's weird. He's rude, cocky , flirty in some way and hot as hell. I'd actually love to know more about him but he seems like one of those guys that don't talk about their pasts.

    " Do you wanna sleep? You look pretty tired" Maggie asks

    "  Yeah, please"

    We walk along the dark and long hallways. Some broken lamps are lighting up the jail.

    " Don't worry about Daryl, he's a good man with a bad past, like you"

    I just nodd.

    It's a bit cold in here but it also has something special which i kinda like.

    Maggie stops at a metallic door and openes it for me.

    " I know, it isn't the best" She smiles

    " But a place to sleep" I add

    " Right, good night then"

    " Good night"

    I kick off my shoes and lay down to fall a sleep a couple minutes later

    B y m y s e l f

    Posted by summerdavidson in Movies  ID#:616722
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    P a r t 1

    I walk down the street. Tired and weak. My legs seem to break into pieces from walking for days and days. Moans of the walkers in the background.

    Angrily i kick a can of anything away and continue walking along that lonely road in a lonely town in a lonely, messed up and bloody world where nothing will ever be nice again. Nothing

    There was a short time when i thought theres a little piece of hope. I had my brother and two of my best friends on my side but they died.

    I'm alone and to be honest, i don't think there's any reason to fight against the death but i do.

    Maybe because it brings me joy or maybe because it's the only way to keep my boredom away.

    I climb up a dirty, white van to calm down a bit.

    I put my rucksack next to me and look for some food but all i can find is some package of food, some clothes and other irrelevant stuff.

    At least I'm saved from the walkers for a while.

    The hot sun burns down my body and makes me feel good at the same time. I could just fall asleep right now but i have to watch out.

    Walkers are trying to reach me and smash against the van.

    They're like animals, dump and all they wanna do is eat.

    I glide my hand trough my hair as I hear a loud motor, making the walkers heads turn around.

    A motorcycle appears in my view and makes me wonder.

    I really thought that town is completely empty.

    I watch the motorcycle making it's way right in my direction.

    A muscular man in a black leather jacked and a pretty handsome face is riding the bike.

    He killes the walkers like it's nothing and get's off his bike.

    He slowly walks in my direction.

    I'm still looking at him,wondered.

    " You're alone?" He askes with a rough voice and a nice Georgia accent

    " Yeah" I answere and jump off of the van

    " How many walkers have you killed?" He continues while checking me out emotionless

    " Can't count anymore"

    " How many people?"

    " No people yet"

    He nodds quickly

    " Wanna join the group?"

    " Which group?"

    " Get your ass on the bike and shut up"

    What a gentleman. Well. Everything's better than being alone


    By m y s e l f

    Posted by summerdavidson in Movies  ID#:616704
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    Never lose your childish enthusiasm.

    Posted by Cani64 in Movies  ID#:615400
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    Do I really look like a guy with a plan?

    Posted by NWW in Movies  ID#:614554
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