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The Best Books

("My Favorites" selections by users)
  • 51

    A Favorite of 43 users

    East of Eden

    Posted by Timba  ID#:267
  • 52

    A Favorite of 42 users

    P.S. I love you

    User Comments:

    Best love novel i have ever read.

    Posted by Pranay_:)  ID#:3674
  • 53

    A Favorite of 42 users


    User Comments:

    An extraordinary book about an extraordinary girl.

    Posted by bibliopola  ID#:1369
  • 54

    A Favorite of 42 users

    Fellowship of the Ring, The

    Posted by Anonymous Guest  ID#:95
  • 55

    A Favorite of 41 users

    Chicken soup for the teenage soul on love and friendship

    Posted by tessy_77  ID#:545
  • 56

    A Favorite of 40 users

    Jane Eyre

    Posted by Anonymous Guest  ID#:115
  • 57

    A Favorite of 39 users


    User Comments:

    A very funny story with a twist

    Posted by bibliopola  ID#:1368
  • 58

    A Favorite of 39 users

    The Big Bad Wolf

    User Comments:

    A Great book.

    Posted by babycakes03  ID#:480
  • 59

    A Favorite of 39 users

    Artemis Foul

    Posted by Evil_Insane_Dude  ID#:373
  • 60

    A Favorite of 39 users

    Beyond Good and Evil

    Posted by cryptic26  ID#:358

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