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    Jurassic Park

    Posted by Anonymous Guest  ID#:229
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    The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

    Posted by Anonymous Guest  ID#:153
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    Economics principles and practices

    Posted by Anonymous Guest  ID#:495
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    City of Fallen Angels

    User Comments:

    book 4

    Posted by glamkay  ID#:3645
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    Posted by Evil_Insane_Dude  ID#:374
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    Brave New World

    User Comments:

    Groundbreaking science fiction novel depicting a future where a socialist society has rid people of love, religion, and art.

    Posted by supergirl  ID#:331
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    The Alchemist

    Posted by Anonymous Guest  ID#:679
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    A Bend in the Road

    Posted by XWH473V32X  ID#:488
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    The New Lane

    User Comments:

    "The New Lane" is the true story of one man's epic, spiritual journey through life. The protagonist, Codey, goes through a process of synchronicity and precognition that truly baffles. It's simple and complex, and is an even better read the second time as the book has multiple levels of meaning.

    Posted by Anonymous Guest  ID#:323
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    Love in the Time of Cholera

    Posted by soobeeoz  ID#:272

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