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    Posted by Anonymous Guest  ID#:81
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    beautiful fantasy

    Posted by cmluna  ID#:851
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    Crime and Punishment

    Posted by Anonymous Guest  ID#:513
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    Catching Fire

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    This was an awesome book, I prefer it over the 1st book. It is about a former Hunger Games winner, Katniss Everdeen, and her friend Peeta. They have to compete in a bigger Hunger Games made of past winners, called the Quarter Quell. Katniss and Peeta never fully recovered from the Hunger Games they won, but when doctors announce Katniss is pregnant, it just keeps getting more to the point of thrilling action and adventure.

    Posted by Theworldofweird  ID#:3239
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    Les Miserables

    Posted by Anonymous Guest  ID#:351
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    Sense and Sensibility

    Posted by Anonymous Guest  ID#:178
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    Stand, The

    Posted by aschrage  ID#:119
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    Lord of the Flies

    Posted by Anonymous Guest  ID#:83
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    Treasure Island

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    The classic pirate story

    Posted by magpie  ID#:199
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    Community Well-Being and Public Welfare

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    The book focuses on practical solutions toward improvement of public welfare systems through strengthening of local management of service delivery.

    For more details, visit:

    Posted by Anonymous Guest  ID#:1010

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