The Best Politics Books

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    Adam Smith Goes to Moscow

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    About the authors: Walter Adams  Robert L. Heilbroner

    Posted by aschrage  ID#:50
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    When One Stood Alone

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    A book about Judge John Sirica's battle against President Nixon over Watergate; a profile of great moral courage. For ordering info:

    Posted by poetics24  ID#:510
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    Americas Forgotten Majority: Why the White Working Class Still Matters

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    About the authors: Ruy A. Teixeira  Joel Rogers

    Posted by aschrage  ID#:37
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    Selling of Free Trade : Nafta, Washington, and the Subversion of American Democracy

    Posted by aschrage  ID#:30
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    The Politics of Remaking Urban Black Civil Society: Race, Class, Gender

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    Contrary to William J. Wilson's emphasis on the industrial economy and black middle class withdrawal and the subsequent depletion and decline in civic institutions, political changes in Newark and other small New Jersey central cities grew out of and interacted with the consequences of political, not economic, change.

    Posted by Anonymous Guest  ID#:736
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    The Day of The Jackal

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    If you thought you have read interesting literature on the historical fiction of politics then you're wrong until you've read Forsyth's The Day of The Jackal about the attempted murder of one of Europe's great men, Charles de Gaulle!!

    Posted by BMHDISEHYA  ID#:3962
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    Crossing The River

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    Provocative essays by political and advocacy Internet strategists.

    Posted by Anonymous Guest  ID#:780
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