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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

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he's been keeping to himself they've been saying. she can see the emptyness in his eyes.all that sadness just tugs at her heart.maybe a little company might put a smile on that face for awhile .so she walks over to him and says it sure can be a lonely world out there if never let anyone in.mind if i sit with you awhile i'd like it alot to sit here and talk with really look like you need to get something off your mind. and i'm a good listener so they say.he looks in her eyes such pretty wide open eyes all ready to listen to his story.he trys to give her a smile .but instead a single tear runs down his face.she takes his hands in hers and says.oh she hurt you real bad didn't she.well thats all in the past now. and you got your whole life to really need to get back to the living.don't you stay frozen in that sad deserve to be happy. you'll, i'm going get you smiling tonight if it's the last thing i do.he tells her i'm glad you ended up here with me tonight. i've been closed up tight for so long .it's nice to have someone who wants to listen for awhile.i guess i really thought my life was over.but that ain't true at all.what i was needing was someone like you to show me just a little compassion. and you even almost got me to smile...

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