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Thursday, July 31, 2014

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For those who do not appreciate the excitement and enthusiasm which derives from the opportunities and challenges that exist in our world, let me tell you a little story: For a moment, forget that you are a human being. Think that before yesterday, you were trapped inside the body of a worm under the earth. You used to hear about the human world, the opportunities and excitement of achieving ones aims; the pleasures of successful risk taking, whatever that might be; the bliss of travelling around the world and appreciating human variation and human capacity; the magestic powers of beauty; the delightful gastronomical range of the international kitchen; the excitement of the challenge of being a "world conqueror"; the bliss of believing in something and having followers and fans who love you for what you offer them; the bitter-sweet gratification of staring at the woman we are in love with. The world is full of wonders but the best of all, is the pleasure of being a free human being. Now remember you are still trapped inside a worm's body and all these thoughts and secret desires run through your head. Somehow, as a worm, you wish that you were a normal human being and given the opportunity to live in the human world with its challenges and excitements... ****Boom**** Open your eyes. Your wish came true. Wake up, here you are in the human world. Think of the possibilities and opportunities you really have. You are free. Appreciate the value of your life as a human being. A world full of challenges and potentials to make a life interesting and fulfilling is waiting for you. Get involved!

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