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Monday, September 1, 2014

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Hey, this is God
could I please have your attention
there's a need for intervention
Man, I'm disappointed in what I'm seeing

Yeah, this is God
you fight each other in my name
treat life like its a foolish game
well I say you've got the wrong idea

Oh, all I'm asking for is love
I've seen you hurt yourselves enough
oh, I've been waiting on a change in you

yeah this is God
I've given everything to you
woah, but look at what you do
to the world that I created

this is God
what's with this attitude and hate?
you grow more ignorant with age
you had it made... now look at all you've wasted

oh, all I'm asking for is love
I've seen you hurt yourselves enough
Oh, I've been waiting on a change in you

I know your every thought,
your heart and soul,
and every move
there are so many consequences
to the things you do

oh, all I'm asking for is love
haven't you hurt yourselves enough?
oh, I've been waiting on a change in you
...A change in you

...this is God..

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you f***in slag go f*** a tree ha ha
lol soul i just read your profile, so get_ova_me isnt the only person :P
does annonymous guest really exist do ya fink? or join in discussions? cos for sum one hus entered sum really popular quotes we never hear from him/her. and hu ever it is must have an amazin sense of humor. maybe its the sites creater? im really nosey and need to know now im wondering..! any one else?
i love all the brontes books and i think they re all excellent story writters and i think it is controvasy that they died and we couldnt have more books to read by them :(
anyone read "flowers for Algernon" before - sum up dumb got get smart finds his life sucks then he finds he gets stupid again but after he becomes stupid again he lives in blissful happiness
Do u guys think all love is equal and do u think someone can be in true love over the mail or internet?
does anyone here truly have someone they love? everyone i meet are idiots!!!! i wish i didn't find my prince charming yet have u?
anyone want to chat with me?
If you read any of my quotes, you will love them!!
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