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Friday, February 12, 2016

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Remember Me!

Remember me was the last thing you said
In the final letter of yours that I read
It was like you were saying you were going to die
This was your way of saying goodbye
And in spite of this I did not give up hope on your return
But you cant live on hope as I soon was to learn.

When I got the telegram proclaiming you were dead
My heart sunk and the words spun in my head
I could not believe I would never see you again
I never thought that was how you life was to end
I always thought we both would die grey and old
I always thought I would have someone to hold

But war took that away
Leaving me with just one thing to say
You paid the dearest price for the right to be free
You fought for your country and you fought for me
And if your only request was to be remembered then you need not have asked
For the memory of you will forever last
Not just by me but others too
You will always be my hero and my love oh so true.

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