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Sunday, April 23, 2017

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What is paradoxical about life nowadays with these ugly wars taking place, is not only that, perhaps, wars could be proven to be inevitable or necessary to the "development" of this world and the recycling of nature.

It is also the case that war has always been present in the history of humanity and that more or less, my existence, your existence and generally the existence of all around us, is directly connected and related to the conduct of wars.

How is that relevant? It is relevant because wars are one with our past. If you may not detach wars from your past then you may not detach wars from your presence in this world. No country has forever lived in peace. As much as we may believe in peace, embrace it, uphold it and preach it, we nevertheless remain attached to our pasts.

The history of humanity is paved with blood. We have all descented from a past plagued with wars, without which, the course of humanity would ran differently and we would most likely not be here at all to discuss, to uphold peace and contempt war.

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