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    In some countries it's harder to deal with a birth, than a death.

    Posted by Anonymous in Death  ID#:584891
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    Meet Mr. and Mrs. Crystal Meth.
    I destroy homes – I tear families apart.
    I take your children and that’s just a start.
    I’m more valued than diamonds, more precious than gold.
    The sorrow I bring is a sight to behold.
    If you need me, remember, I’m easily found.
    I live all around you, in school and in town.
    I live with the rich, I live with the poor.
    I live just down the street and maybe next door.
    I’m made in a lab, but not one like you think.
    I can be made under the kitchen sink,
    In your child’s closet, and even out in the woods.
    If this scares you to death, then it certainly should.
    I have many names. But there’s one you’ll know best.
    I’m sure you’ve heard of me, my name is Crystal Meth.
    My power is awesome, try me, you’ll see.
    But if you do, you may never break free.
    Just try me once and I might let you go.
    But if you try me twice, then I’ll own your soul.
    When I possess you, you’ll steal and you’ll lie.
    You’ll do what you have to do, just to get high.
    The crimes you commit for my narcotic charms,
    Will be worth the pleasures you feel in my arms.
    You’ll lie to your mother; you’ll steal from your dad.
    When you see their tears, you must feel sad.
    Just forget your morals and how you were raised.
    I’ll be your conscience, I’ll teach you my ways.
    I take kids from their parents; I take parents from their kids.
    I turn people from God, I separate friends.
    I’ll take everything from you, your looks and your pride.
    I’ll be with you always, right by your side.
    You’ll give up everything, your family, your home.
    Your money, your true friend, then you’ll be alone.
    I’ll take and take till you have no more to give.
    When I finish with you, you’ll be lucky to live.
    If you try me, be warned, this is not a game.
    If I’m given the chance, I’ll drive you insane.
    I’ll ravage your body; I’ll control your mind.
    I’ll own you completely; your soul will be mine.
    The nightmares I’ll give you when you’re lying in bed,
    And the voices you’ll hear from inside your head.
    The sweats, the shakes, and the visions from me.
    I want you to know these things are gifts from me.
    But then it’s too late, and you’ll know in your heart
    That you are now mine and we shall not part.
    You’ll regret that you tried me (they always do).
    But you came to me, not I to you.
    You knew this would happen.
    Many times you’ve been told.
    But you challenged my power,
    You chose to be bold.
    You could have said no and then walked away.
    If you could live that day over now, what would you say?
    My power is awesome, as I told you before.
    I can take your life and make it so dim and sore.
    I’ll be your master and you’ll be my slave.
    I’ll even go with you when you go to your grave.
    Now that you’ve met me, what will you do?
    Will you try me or not? It’s all up to you.
    I can show you more misery than words can tell.
    Come take my hand, let me lead you to Hell.

    Posted by lynz63 in Death  ID#:194515
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    Death is life's way of saying "You're fired."

    Suicide is your way of saying "I quit."

    Murder is sabotaging an employee.

    Posted by Anonymous in Death  ID#:235748
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    Keep Holding On: My Plea Against Suicide

    Hold up, girl, what are you doing?
    What is this that I am viewing?
    You have that gun pressed to your head.
    And you wish that you were dead.
    Hold up, man, what will you do?
    What they say is totally untrue.
    You aren’t stupid, ugly or bad.
    Please don’t be angry or upset or sad.
    Come on, girl, put down that knife.
    I know you want to end your life.
    Brother, please put down the pot.
    This isn’t how happiness is bought.
    My friend, please don’t swallow those pills
    Is this worth all those hospital bills?
    When life’s going wrong and it seems a mess.
    And you are under all of that stress.
    Don’t reach for those objects to cause pain.
    Even if happiness is so hard to attain.
    See, sometimes life isn’t what we expect.
    And happiness is hard to detect.
    But look for the rainbow, look up high
    After the rain has fallen from the sky.
    Life isn’t always so bad and wrong.
    You have time to find where you belong.
    Life’s a travel, you have to find your path.
    But occasionally you will be filled with wrath.
    People will try to stand in your way.
    Sometimes from the path, you may stray.
    But that path will always be laid at your feet.
    And all these demons, I know you’ll beat.
    So please, girl, keep holding on.
    Look for the light at the dawn.
    Come on, man, show them what you’re really about.
    Keep yourself strong and stout.
    I’ll take your hand and be your guide.
    Please, this is my plea against suicide.

    Posted by EuReKa in Death  ID#:245192
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    The loss of a loved one, is for sure the hardest moment in our lives to overcome.

    It's so hard to put on that fake mask to hide our pain.

    Then you look across the room and notice them.

    That person who lost someone that was even closer to them.

    You see them sitting there, smiling and talking as if they lost no one.

    Then you ask yourself, how can they be that happy, am I that weak?

    Not at all, it's because of these moments we forget.

    That person is thinking the same about us.

    Posted by Anonymous in Death  ID#:584890
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    Suicide is not so much the desire to die, as it is the fear of living

    Posted by Sleepless in Death  ID#:40444
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    She was drinking at a party
    On a raging New Year's Eve
    She had to be home early
    She knew she had to leave

    "Honey do you need a ride"
    Her boyfriend sweetly said
    She just smiled back at him
    And quickly shook her head

    "I've got to leave right now
    So I'll just take my car...
    But don't you worry, sweetheart
    Cause I won't drive too far"

    Unaware she'd been drinking,
    He watched her drive away
    She knew that this was wrong
    But she did it anyway

    "I only had a couple drinks
    I know that I'll survive"
    She kept saying in her head
    As she went for this short drive

    The alcohol took over her
    She wasn't thinking straight
    She assumed that there was no one
    Who'd be driving out this late

    She ran all of the stop lights
    As she sped along the road
    Never thinking of the pain
    This night would soon behold

    But out of nowhere, came a car
    She screamed as headlights flashed
    She flew out of the windshield
    As both of their cars crashed

    She woke up laying on the ground
    Sirens screaming in the night
    She was bleeding quite a bit
    But she knew she'd be alright

    With dread, she saw the other car
    That had rolled down the hill
    She knew this was her fault
    As she started feeling ill

    But when she saw the body
    Tears started falling down
    As she looked down to find
    Her dead boyfriend on the ground

    Posted by Danieller in Death  ID#:181188
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    A single death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic.

    Posted by The_McCann_man in Death  ID#:66063
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    When someone you love dies...cry tears of joy, not sorrow.

    Cry because
    You know they lived a good life, not because they're gone

    Cry Because of all the laughs you had, not the ones you'll miss out on.

    Cry Because of every thing they did that touched your life, not everything that will never touch you.

    Cry for their memory, not for their decease.

    Cry because you loved them, not because you'll miss them.

    Cry Because you actually got the chance to know them...and for that.. you are truly blessed.

    Posted by kelsie in Death  ID#:143874
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    If you're afraid of death... it just shows you have a life worth keeping.

    Posted by naomi_ramos in Death  ID#:116886

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