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    “Though we adore men individually, I agree that as a group they're rather stupid."

    Posted by hockeygirlk29 in Men  ID#:26354
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    he'll throw pebbles at me window in the pouring rain
    he'll make me laugh and feel no shame
    he'll take me out with all his friends
    he'll tell me that things will never end

    he doesnt lie to me
    he doesnt use me
    he loves me for who i am
    to be with me is his only plan

    he takes me for walks and holds me close in the cold
    he doesnt laugh at me if im not very bold
    he's like me but so different at the same time
    thats y im so glad hes mine

    he loves me no matter what
    our doors will never be shut
    the good thing is he never gets pissed
    the bad thing is this guy doesnt exist

    Posted by KittyCat13 in Men  ID#:31014
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    Life with men is like a deck of cards.... You need a Heart to love them, a Diamond to marry them, a Club to beat them, and a Spade to bury the b*stards.

    Posted by alylovezu2 in Men  ID#:162472
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    Boys Are Players
    Thats a Known Fact
    Dont Get Mad At Them
    Just Play Them Back

    Posted by trishm in Men  ID#:28393
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    "If a man says, 'I'll call you' and then doesn't, he didn't forget...he didn't lose your number...he didn't die. He just didn't want to call you."

    Posted by magpie in Men  ID#:4248
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    1) we aren’t toys you can use
    2) Girls need food, water, and compliments to survive.
    3) Being able to make us laugh is so much more important than how much you can bench-press.
    4) We think about you ALL THE TIME
    5) we wanna look good for u so try to notice
    6) never ask if it’s that time of the month
    7) Never comment on how much a girl eats...ever
    8) We're sorry, Orlando bloom just IS hot...get over it!!!
    9) Anything you do or say to another girl that you wouldn't want us to know about is considered cheating.
    10) dont talk bout sex and being horny it turns us off
    11) if we can admit we're wrong you'd better be able to do the same
    12) The "little things" in a relationship are really the biggest.
    13) Don't screw us over...we’ll have you hunt down
    14) We're sensitive gentle (and we're not talking about our hearts).
    15) We reserve the right to hate all of your ex-girlfriends.
    16) If we happen to trip, fall, etc, while wearing the exceptionally high shoes that we love, go ahead and laugh, we will be too, unless we get hurt
    17) we will leave if u lie
    18) dont cheat thinking bout u all over another girl isnt a good feeling
    19) if we think we're fat don't comment
    20) For the record: wed rather you break up with us than cheat.
    21) we can tell when your not listening
    22) we're not perfect so deal wit it
    23) when we say were cold tats an invitation to come closer
    24) we dont care how big your sweatshirt is give it to us
    25) sing to us even if u suck
    26) understand our best friends mean the world to us
    27) we love when you come up behind us and give us a hug and whisper in our ear

    Posted by snickerdoodle in Men  ID#:147016
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    Tell a man there are 300 billion stars in the universe and he'll believe you. Tell him a bench has wet paint on it and he'll have to touch it to be sure

    Posted by hibajaj in Men  ID#:11840
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    Q: Why is it so hard to find a man who is sensitive, caring, and emotionally mature?

    A: They all have boyfriends.

    Posted by dcloverz in Men  ID#:125302
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    there are different types of men:
    1. the ones who are gorgeous,hot and unfortunately they know it just well enough to treat you bad
    2.the ugly ones who treat you like a princess and are the sweetest
    3. the hot, sexy, goodlooking,nice, sweet guys who of couse, are gay
    4. the gorgeous, succesful, sexy, straight guys who are married and occupied

    Posted by pauyin in Men  ID#:28046
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    Boys need to know:

    -not all girls take four hours to get ready.

    -don't call us when you're right around the corner and ask to pick us up.

    -some of us want to actually watch the football game. make sure you know.

    -our ex boyfriend will give you a dirty look the first time he sees us together. it's a part of life.

    -most of us DO have guy friends. yo'll just have to deal with it.

    -and our guy friends will scope you out before we go out on our first date. [this involves awkward questions]

    -and they'll probably threaten you while we ARE going out that if you hurt us, they'll hurt you.

    -most of our dads are way too overprotective. we're allowed to say it, you aren't.

    -we do love a confident guy. but we also love shy guys that go out of their way to talk to us.

    -not all of us like being called 'hot'. 'cute' or 'beautiful' is WAY better.

    -glasses are cute on boys. it shows that you have a weakness.

    -it's cute when your voice breaks in front of us...don't be ashamed of it.

    -most of the time, we don't mean to lead you on. if we say it was an accident, IT WAS.

    -if you're friends with us first, there's a better chance that we'll go out with you.

    *i hope this helps all you guys out there*

    Posted by snowonder7 in Men  ID#:139365

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