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    Reasons why you're my best friend

    #001 - I can tell you anything and you won't be shocked.
    #004 - When I'm really down you cry with me.
    #023 - I'd trust you with my life and you'd trust me with yours.
    #033 - We have private jokes.
    #038 - I take pleasure in your competence.
    #051 - I know your moods so well that I know exactly when to press you to tell me what's wrong- and when to leave you in peace.
    #052 - You're honest but tactful. Usually.
    #054 - If I'm way out of line, you tell me.And when I'm doing a good job, you tell me that too.
    #065 - You think I'm smart, capable, clever and pretty. You're my one-woman cheering section.
    #094 - Sometimes we're under a lot of stress and we snap at each other.Look, these things happen between friends. We get past it.
    #098 - You send me encouraging e-mails at critical moments and I send them to you, too.
    #109 - You stop me firmly when I start apologizing for things that aren't my fault.
    #110 - You bring your problems to me and let me help you solve them.
    #122 - We don't look alike and we don't sound alike- but we think alike on all the important things and that's what counts.
    #124 - You make room for me in your life, even when your life is crowded and busy.
    #125 - I'm not embarassed to cry in front of you.
    #128 - I admire your self-control: You actually think before you speak.
    #132 - I appreciate how you ferret out my secrets when I really want to tell you but can't quite bring myself to do it.
    #139 - No one else gives me the total attention you do, when I have a problem or just need to talk.
    #142 - I never felt that any of our arguments or disagreements would end our friendship.
    #160 - When I'm procrastinating hopelessly, you give me the push I need to get going.
    #175 - You know my dark side and I know yours. No judgments.
    #183 - I don't have to watch what I say when we're talking, the way I do when I'm talking with certain other people. And you know who I mean.
    #209 - Somtimes you give me tough love when I really need gentle love- but I know that's because you're worried about me.
    #215 - There are a few dicery things lurking in my past and you're the only one who knows about them- but you don't hold them against me.
    #226 - You love to laugh.
    #230 - You're better than a sister: No sibling rivalry.
    #248 - You laugh at my jokes.
    #249 - You always know the right thing to say.
    #252 - Sometimes you don't have time for me. That might make me sad or hurt for a while, but hey, you'll be back.
    #274 - Your love for me is as unconditional as mine is for you.
    #300 - One hug from you is worth 10 from any other friend.
    #366 - You never get clingy, but you don't mind if I occasionally do.
    #460 - You're an angel on my shoulder.
    #463 - We take pride in each other's accomplishments.
    #466 - We've hit a few rough spots, but with love and patience we smoothed them out.
    #477 - Secrets are secrets and we'd never reveal each other's.
    #486 - The good, the bad and the ugly- we've been through them all and we're still friends.
    #500 - You may misbehave, I may misbehave, but best friends accept best friends, misbehavior and all. That's how it is.

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    As you grow older, you realize it becomes less important to have more friends and more important to have real ones

    Posted by angel_05 in Friendship  ID#:41821
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    Somewhere, there is someone who dreams of your smile and finds in your presence that life is worthwhile. So when you are lonely, remember it's true; somebody, somewhere is thinking of you.

    Posted by MAGIC PIE in Friendship  ID#:14909
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    "Wanna see who your real friends are? Screw up and see who's still there."

    Posted by crazie_grivie2009 in Friendship  ID#:31431
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    I catch your eye and you smile and I feel so much love for you it's insane, but I feel you looking back at me with nothing more than friendship.

    Posted by Nat in Friendship  ID#:23397
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    Friends are like stars, they come and go, but the ones that stay are the ones that glow

    Posted by Roxy_Girl105 in Friendship  ID#:6675
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    A good friend helps you up when you fall. A best friend pees their pants laughing, trips you again, and calls you an a**hole.

    Posted by Anonymous in Friendship  ID#:10547
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    I was sitting here thinking
    of the words I want to say,
    but they just wouldn't come out right
    so I found a different way

    I got a piece of paper
    and I wrote this poem for you,
    but there's no way to thank you
    for everything you do

    For always being nice to me
    and staying by my side,
    for helping fix my problems
    and never leaving me behind

    For accepting my thoughts and feelings,
    though you do not understand,
    for never giving up on me
    and being my best friend

    For making me laugh
    and letting me cry
    and saying you'd miss me
    if I were to die

    Everything you mean to me
    you could never know
    In all the ways you've changed my life
    I could never show

    The way you take care of me,
    you're my shining star
    and though it's so incredible
    that's just the way you are

    Before I get too mushy
    it's time for me to go,
    but before I leave this ink-filled page
    there's one thing you should know

    As long as we are living,
    no matter when or where,
    if you ever need me
    just call and I'll be there

    I'll climb a thousand mountains
    and swim a thousand seas
    anything to be there
    'cause you've been there for me

    Posted by xobrittaneyox in Friendship  ID#:60964
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    If one day you want to cry, just call me. I can't promise I'll make you laugh, but I can cry with you.
    If one day you want to run away, don't be afraid, just call me. I can't promise I'll make you stop, but I can run with you.
    If one day you are bored, just call me. I can't promise I will entertain you, but I can tell you I am bored too.
    But if one day you tell me you are in love with me, I promise I will tell you I am love with you, too.

    Posted by maine in Friendship  ID#:27125
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    I find it hard to look at pictures that are of you and me
    It’s hard to think that someday the two of us may not be
    When those thoughts go through my mind, I stop and realize
    All the things we have done and how you opened up my eyes
    When I feel like I’m alone, you’re the first person that I call
    The only one who knows how to fix everything and all
    You came into my life and I knew it from the start
    No matter what may happen, you would always be in my heart
    I know that I can go to you with anything I need
    You’ll help me through my toughest times telling me I will succeed
    You have the two best shoulders for me to lean and cry on
    Wiping away all of my tears until they are gone
    You know all of my wishes and you know my dreams
    Reminding me they’re not as far away as they may seem
    You are loyal, kind, and caring, and I know that this is true
    My world wouldn’t be as bright if I knew there were no you
    If ever you need a friend to tell everything and all
    I’m just a few numbers away, so don’t be afraid to call
    If there were one thing to want from life, this is what it would be
    To be as good a friend to you as you have been to me
    I hope I made you smile when you were about to cry
    I hope I comforted you when you wanted to just die
    Our smiles and our laughter, our tears and all our sorrow
    They mean just as much as knowing that we still have tomorrow
    It is a gift knowing someone is gonna by your side
    With this person, you will never have to hide
    Looking at you makes me realize you’re more than a friend,
    And that you will be there with me until the very end
    To you I want to say thanks for touching my life and leaving your mark
    With you I know I will shine, even when in the dark
    You are always there to help me, guiding me through the bends
    That is why you will forever be my true best friend
    Finding a friend like you is like finding a pot of gold
    Something that can never be bought, something that can never be sold

    Posted by Jus in Friendship  ID#:37579

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