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    "War never solved anything... except Slavery, Oppression, Genocide, Communism, Fascism, and Nazism..."

    Posted by SarahBeara231 in War  ID#:232915
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    In my mind, I envision a world without cheating, without hate, without war...And then I imagine us attacking that world, because they'd never expect it.

    Posted by Anonymous in War  ID#:6019
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    Either we will die together...
    or we will live together.
    it's up to us.
    make the choice.

    Posted by mellew in War  ID#:149189
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    No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country.

    Posted by morzan in War  ID#:48739
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    "American soldiers in battle don't fight for what some presidents say on T.V., they don't fight for mom, apple pie, the American flag. They fight for one another."

    Posted by rthouck in War  ID#:137742
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    War is like a slut. It steals men and never gives them back.

    Posted by A_person_with_no_name in War  ID#:400510
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    I am in the military, I have a problem. This is the first step to recovery:
    STEP 1. Speech:
    *Time should never begin with a zero or end in a hundred. It's not 'zero five thirty' or 'fourteen hundred'. It's 'five thirty' or 'two o'clock'.
    *f*** cannot be used to replace whatever word you can't think of right now. Try 'um'.
    *grunting is not talking.
    *Its a phone, not a radio. Conversations do not follow a set procedure and don’t end in 'out'.
    STEP 2. Style:
    *Don’t put creases in your jeans.
    *Don’t put creases in the front or your dress shirts.
    *Don’t iron your collar flat.
    STEP 3. Woman:
    *Being divorced twice by the time your twenty-three is not normal; neither are six-month marriages, even if it's your first.
    *Marrying a girl so that you can move out of the barracks does not make financial sense.
    STEP 4. Personal Accomplishments:
    *In the real world, being able to do more push-ups will not make you better at your job.
    *Most people will be slightly disturbed if you tell them about people you’ve killed or seen die.
    *How much pain you can take is not a personal accomplishment.
    STEP 5. Drinking:
    *In the real world, being drunk before 5 p.m will get you a reprimand and formal warning, not a pat on the back.
    *That time you drank a full slab of beer and p***** in your wardrobe is not a conversation starter.
    STEP 6. Bodily Functions:
    *Farting on your co-workers and then giggling while running away may be viewed as unprofessional.
    *The size of the dump you took yesterday will not be funny, no matter how big it was, how much it burned or how much it smelled.
    *You cant make fun of someone for being sick, no matter how funny it is.
    STEP 7. The Human Body:
    *Most people will not want to hear about your balls. Odd as that may seem, its true.
    STEP 8. Spending Habits:
    *One day you will have to pay bills.
    *Buying a £40,000 car on a £20,000-a-year salary is a really bad idea.
    *One day you will need health insurance.
    STEP 9. Interacting With Civilians:
    *Making fun of your neighbour to his face for being fat will not be appreciated.
    STEP 10. Real Jobs:
    *They can really fire you.
    *On the flip side, you can really quit.
    *Screaming at the people who work for you will not be normal. Remember they really can quit too.
    *Taking naps at work will not be acceptable.
    *Remember, 9 to 5, not 0530 to 1800.
    STEP 11. The Law:
    *Non-judicial punishment does not exist and will not save you from prison.
    *your workplace, unlike your command, cant save you and probably wont; in fact, most likely you will be fired about five minutes after they find out you’ve been arrested.
    *Even McDonald’s does background checks, and ‘conviction’ isn’t going to help you get the job.
    *Fighting is not a normal thing and will get you arrested, not yelled at on Monday morning before asking you if you won.
    STEP 12. General Knowledge:
    *You can really say what you want about the Prime Minister in public.
    *Pain is not a weakness escaping the body, its just pain.
    *They wont wear anything shiny that tells you they are more important than you, so be polite.
    *And lastly, read the contracts before you sign them. Remember what happened last time.

    Posted by brezlin in War  ID#:191139
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    We live as heroes..or die as legends..

    Posted by Mr.Romance in War  ID#:396671
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    Trust, the fifth myth of reality: Every truth holds the seed of betrayal.

    Posted by ziveeman in War  ID#:41682
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    Your closest friend will always turn around on you for their own personal gain

    Posted by image in War  ID#:199805
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