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    The purpose of all war is power.

    Posted by lulu_ in Government  ID#:180674
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    A citizen of America will cross the ocean to fight for democracy, but won't cross the street to vote in a national election.

    Posted by aschrage in Government  ID#:191796
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    There are 6 Billion of us, and we don't always think the same. But once every 4 years we have to make a choice. And we have the responsibility to choose a good one.

    Posted by ThatSmartLilTatiana in Government  ID#:194951
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    Welfare Poem

    I cross ocean,
    poor and broke,
    Take bus,
    see employment folk.

    Nice man treat me
    good in there,
    Say I need to
    see welfare.

    Welfare say,
    'You come no more,
    We send cash
    right to your door'

    Welfare checks,
    they make you wealthy,
    Medicaid it keep
    you healthy!

    By and by,
    I get plenty money,
    Thanks to you,
    American dummy.

    Write to friends
    in motherland,
    Tell them 'come
    fast as you can.'

    They come in turbans
    and Ford trucks,
    I buy big house
    with welfare bucks

    They come here,
    we live together,
    More welfare checks,
    it gets better!

    Fourteen families,
    they moving in,
    But neighbor's patience
    wearing thin.

    Finally, white guy
    moves away,
    Now I buy his house,
    and then I say,
    'Find more aliens
    for house to rent.'
    And in the yard
    I put a tent.

    Send for family
    they just trash,
    But they, too,
    draw the welfare cash!
    Everything is
    very good,
    And soon we
    own the neighborhood.

    We have hobby
    it's called breeding,
    Welfare pay
    for baby feeding.

    Kid's need dentist?
    Wife's need pills?
    We get free!
    We got no bills!

    American's crazy!
    He pay all year,
    To keep welfare
    running here.

    We think America
    darn good place!
    Too darn good for
    the white man race.
    If they no like us, they can
    scram, Got lots of room in Pakistan .

    Posted by Tc_Origenal in Government  ID#:198888
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    government of the rich for the rich by the rich

    Posted by brmboothy in Government  ID#:306601
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    "It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong"

    Posted by frosty7709 in Government  ID#:328794
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    “The politicians and bankers don't just want your money. They want your soul. They want you to be worn down by debt and taxes until you are dependent and helpless. When you subsidize poverty and failure, you get more of both.”

    Posted by altruism77 in Government  ID#:559383
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    To be a good king you have to be the servant of all

    Posted by sizeless alpha in Government  ID#:618136
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    Let us never forget that government is ourselves and not an alien power over us. The ultimate rulers of our democracy are not a President and senators and congressmen and government officials, but the voters of this country.

    Posted by None in Government  ID#:558
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    Knowing how money is created will help you understand how we can get you out of credit card debt, unsecured loans and lines of credit. Over the past 27 years the Managing Director of FDRS has done nothing but research money - how it works, who has it, how they got it and where it comes from. What changed my life was learning about how money is created. It is by far the most important financial aspect you will learn in this lifetime.

    The current gross national debt is ridiculous, as you can see in the sum of personal and federal government debt, shown to the right. The counter doesn't include the Social Security and numerous other governmental debts totaling over $75 Trillion. So, everybody wants out of debt, but there is only $3.8 Trillion ($753 Billion in 02/06) in currency in the whole U.S. economy, so something doesn't add up, right? Let’s get to the bottom of it.

    Currently the Federal Government spends more than they can tax us each year, entirely because they’re paying all of this revenue towards interest on previous years’ loans. So, what they do is have the Treasury print U.S. Bonds to exchange for loans from the privately owned Federal Reserve System.

    The private Federal Reserve owners don’t have a trillion dollars to lend the Government, nor do they need it. All they do is create it, via a bookkeeping entry, and write a check to the U.S. Government as the loan in exchange for the U.S. Bonds. The U.S. Government banks at the Federal Reserve Bank so cashing this check is very easy.

    The Government now spends this newly created money into the economy by paying the Court, Postal and Military employees, etc. These consumers then deposit their paychecks in a commercial bank, Bank of America for example. The commercial banks deposit their customers’ check (newly deposited money) at their local Federal Reserve Bank and the Reserve Bank allows the commercial bank to issue up to 33 times more new electronic money, some of which is used to cover the customers’ initial deposit. This is called "Fractional Reserve Banking."

    When you sign a loan or credit card application and send it in, (say you are approved for $10,000.00) the commercial bank stamps the back of the application, as if it were a check, with the words: ’Pay $10,000.00 to the order of...;’ which changes your application into a promissory note.

    They then deposit the promissory note at the local Federal Reserve Bank as new money. This new money is now a 3% fraction of what the commercial bank may now create and do whatever they want with.

    So $330,000.00, minus the original $10,000.00, is now added to the commercial bank’s coffers. They then open a demand deposit transaction account in your name, (the same as a checking account), deposit $10,000.00 of their newly acquired funds into this account and then issue you a debit or (in this case) a credit card or paper check. Remember - it’s all just bookkeeping entries, because our money is backed by nothing.

    Your asset, the original promissory note, not only funds your own supposed loan, but allows them to pocket up to 33 times the amount for doing nothing but fancy, yet fraudulent, bookkeeping entries. So, you funded your own loan, and they get to permanently keep your asset, the promissory note, along with the additional $320,000.00.

    Don’t forget that when you spend your new deposit/loan, it ends up in someone else’s account and their bank gets to multiply it by

    Posted by alylovezu2 in Government  ID#:164456

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