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    Why Does My Heart Cry Out For Her So???
    Why Are We Not Together Yet We Are???
    Why Is The Ocean So Deep?
    Why Is Heaven So Easy To Feel, But Impossible To See???
    And Why, Are We Just Heart Beats Away...
    Yet Worlds Apart.

    A day ago by superdraco62 in Love  ID#:643271
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    Scars On Your Heart Are Left By Many People ...
    The Opposite Sex, Your Parents, Your Children, Family, Friends And Anyone You Love. No One Is Immune To This Affect, And No One Can Allude The Pain And Scars We ALL Have To Carry. For Love Is The Only Feeling, In The Entire Universe That Can... "Hurt So Much, Yet Feels So Good"

    A day ago by superdraco62 in Love  ID#:643268
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    No Matter How You Slice It, It's True...
    I Would Rather Be Sorry For Something I've Done,
    Than For Something That I Didn't Do.

    A day ago by superdraco62 in General  ID#:643267
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    Challenges give us the wonderful opportunity to bring the best out of ourselves!

    A day ago by adrian mcginn in Success  ID#:643266
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    Love grows increasingly essential together we exceed our own potential.

    A day ago by The_True_Me in Love  ID#:643265
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    Dear Wish List: I Want A Girlfriend, And I`ve Wished This For A Few Years Now. I`ll Keep Wishing This Until My Wishes Appear Before Me. I Wont Look, But I`ll Think This Instead As I Only Have Hope, And Miracles Do Come True. I Want A Girlfriend Again, But Not Just Any Girl. I Am Very Particular When It Comes To Just Anybody. I Do Not Care What She Looks Like. I Do Not Care If She Is Rich, Poor Or In-Between. I Do Not Care Where She Lives, And If She Lives In The Moon Then That Is OK With Me, BUT I Have Things That I Long To Tell Her, And Things I Crave To Do??

    I Want To Tell Her That I Think She`s Real Pretty, And Her Colors Reminds Me Of A Butterfly. I Want To Tell Her What She Really Means To Me, And How She Makes My Skies Blue When She`s Around?? I Want To Follow Her Like A Lost Sheep, And Live Inside Of Her Pocket Pants. I Want To Pick Her Up, And Pretend To Throw Her In The River, That Way She`ll Hug Me More. I Really Want To Camp Outside Of Her House, And When She Yells At Me For My Annoyance. I`ll Just Look Up To Her, And Say “I Love You”. If She Tells Me To Go Away, I`ll Throw Pebbles At Her Window, And Sing To Her Just Like Romeo. I Want To Sit In The Park With Her, Talk, Laugh, And Feed The Ducks While They Quack At Me. I Want To Carve Out Our Names On The Bark Of A Tree, And I Want It To Mean Forever. I Want Her To Get Mad At Me, And When She Screams, I`ll Just Kiss Her. I Want To Celebrate Valentine's Day Every Day, And Lay Those Flowers At Her Front Door Each, And Every Morning, Signed Only By Me. I Want To Push Her On The Swings, And Really Scare Her So She Clings To Me, And Yells “That Was So Mean” Will You Hug Me Please As I`m Frightened.

    I Want To Write A Love Letter To Her, And Make Her Melt Just Like An Ice-Cube, So That She Can Never Get Enough Of Me. When She Is Sick I Want To Be The One To Nurse Her Back To Health, And To Stay By Her Side, For Always. When She Cries I Want Her To Sleep Inside Of My Arms, So That She Can Feel Safe, Secure, And Loved Ever More.

    I Want To Write Her Poetry, And Leave Them Scattered All Over Her House So That She Can Feel Those Hidden Whispers That I Leave Behind. When She Is Sad, Upset, And Lonely. I Want Her To Call Me, Say Nothing, And Listen To Just The Beat Of My Heart. I Want To Take Her On A Picnic, And Serve Her All-Day Right Next To A Lake, So That She`ll Smile, And Always Remember Our Time Together, Forever. I Want To Hold Her Hand, Then Kiss Her In The Rain, And Wrap My Arms Around Her As I Dry Her Face, And Say There “You`re Still Pretty”. I Want To Take Lots Of Pictures, And Create A Shrine For Her So That She Knows In Her Heart She Really Is My Princess.

    I Want To Hold Her Face Within My Hands, And Look To The Windows Of Her Soul, And Say, “You`re My Beginning, And My End”. When Her Favorite TV Show Is On, And I Don't Like It, I`ll Watch It, Just To Please Her, And Let Her Lay Her Head On My Chest As I Whisper “You Smell Just Like A Flower In Spring” I Want Her To Never Get Enough Of Me. I Want To Be The One To Read Her A Bedtime Story As Her Eyes Becomes Sleepy Inside Of My Heart . When The Day Is Over, And I Leave To Go Home. I Want Her To Remember One Thing, And That Is We Can Do This Every Day For The Rest Of Our Lives. When She Smiles, I`ll Kiss Her Cheek, And Whisper To Her: Without You I`m Nothing. Goodnight My Love, I`ll See You Soon Inside Of My Dreams.

    A day ago by Unspeakable in Love  ID#:643264
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    Those who Crave are sure to take disappointments to their Grave.

    A day ago by rvmrvm in Inspirational  ID#:643263
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    Brain f***ing the weak is my jedi mind trick for happy minded fools....

    A day ago by Crimson_Renegade in Philosophy  ID#:643262
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    If "Home" Is Where The Heart Is...
    I Feel Like I've Been Homeless For Quite Some Time.

    A day ago by superdraco62 in General  ID#:643261
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    There Is No Amount Of Time That Can Change Your Grief...
    You Have To Deal With It The Best Way You Know How,
    And If You Get Stuck, Reach Out For Help Until You Find It.
    Giving Up And Letting Depression Win Is Not An Option To Let Win.
    Fighting To Feel Better Is What You Must Do Until You Find Your Answer.
    Take It From Someone Who Knows.

    A day ago by superdraco62 in General  ID#:643260

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