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    There ain't no rules around here! We're trying to accomplish something!

    April 18, 2018 by aschrage in Business  ID#:645608
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    The most important qualification for any job is passion. The rest you can learn.

    March 18, 2018 by Linda_Beth in Business  ID#:645231
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    The percentage of sales or service target in the job description is nothing but the indicator of an atrocity on that person in the same organization.

    February 5, 2018 by Anujsomany in Business  ID#:644674
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    The most common way to make the fun of job-seekers by interviewer is to conduct either walk-in-interview or telephonic/ video conversation and ask all absurd questions with an intention to learn the answers from candidates only.

    February 4, 2018 by Anujsomany in Business  ID#:644659
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    You realize your worth in a company when you happen to be flying in their small Cessna with the directors on board and there unusually is also a copilot on that flight.

    January 31, 2018 by boghos_L.artinian in Business  ID#:644580
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    The interviewers asking an interviewee as how much business he can generate for their organisation has the same level of stupidity as in a question being asked by an interviewee to the interviewers as how many days he can stay in their organisation. A person who has never actually worked and/or one who has never let the right people to work can only pose such baseless and worthless questions.

    January 27, 2018 by Anujsomany in Business  ID#:644503
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    A company, which asks the job-seeking candidates to give it in writing a road-map as how they are going to make it grow as a condition or clause for their hiring, is most likely making a great financial loss and most probably its boss is seriously contemplating only to close down that particular business on gross.

    January 22, 2018 by Anujsomany in Business  ID#:644429
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    It is prudent to never purchase anything or get any work done from a shop whose owner spends often time with many people so-called his/her friends especially at the outlet itself.

    January 18, 2018 by Anujsomany in Business  ID#:644317
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    The amount of employees' welfare decides the quantity of clients' care that the company does honestly and qualitatively.

    January 16, 2018 by Anujsomany in Business  ID#:644280
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    The company's business has never doomed because of ground force or even of middle cadre people but because of top brass only.

    January 15, 2018 by Anujsomany in Business  ID#:644263