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    The last journey that you take must always be alone.

    A few days ago by Linda_Beth in Death  ID#:646618
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    Death that you think you are threatening me with, in the eyes of the Christian is life. ✌

    Posted by Mahbuba in Death  ID#:645299
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    Every religion believes it has the last word of God. Death is God's way of making sure He has the Last Word

    Posted by eathian in Death  ID#:644616
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    Over the years, whenever I think about it I can't get over what an eerie feeling it was to watch myself die, and yet still be alive.

    Posted by eathian in Death  ID#:644187
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    I promise I won't be alone

    where I am going , there is

    others that also await.

    I can't wait to see them and

    hold them, and love them, oh

    trust me it will be great.

    Do not worry about me please,

    His been known to keep

    every promise he makes.

    No more pain for me,

    Just Heaven as soon as

    he opens the gates.

    I m sorry if I sound like

    I am excited but I m

    finally going to rest.

    Cherish the memories we

    had together , do all that you

    want and never forget that in

    this life you are only a guest.

    Posted by RealityHitsJuan in Death  ID#:643653
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    How warm was that December day, when she felt his presence, even as the cold, snow covered earth pulled him in.


    Posted by Linda_Beth in Death  ID#:643421
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    "Don't mourn for me. This is my destiny."

    Posted by ChrisDesignCode in Death  ID#:642933
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    Almost everyone will grow older.

    No one escapes the ticking of time.

    Those who don't live long

    Their tick will never be able to tock.

    They are put on a pedestal


    they had youth and beauty on their side

    when they evaporated.

    Their memory



    For those who live to an old age;

    they had the opportunity



    But that tock is no guarantee

    because eventually it will be taken away.

    Which is better?

    To burn very brightly

    with only a tick?

    Or to tock


    live a long life

    where you hope

    people will remember you


    come to your funeral.

    To burn a normal life

    but to burn bright,

    but only for the end of their lives long lives.

    Which is more

    Stephie Pahlavi Zan

    Posted by stephiepahlavizan in Death  ID#:642668
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    When faced with our own mortality the hardest man or woman cower! Humble yourself!

    Posted by DraMatik_ in Death  ID#:642176
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    death will take away every thing from you except your deeds

    Posted by Thataboki in Death  ID#:641479
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