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    A man's character is defined by how well he has taken care of the ones he loves. Not how much he loves himself.

    August 17, 2018 by DraMatik_ in Giving  ID#:648359
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    When you open your heart to giving, angels fly to your door.

    August 16, 2018 by Anonymous in Giving  ID#:648276
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    We are all here on earth to help others; what on earth the others are here for I don't know :)

    July 29, 2018 by *♥BelievingInMiracles♥* in Giving  ID#:647740
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    There are those whose lives affect all others around them. Quietly touching one heart, who in turn, touches another. Reaching out to ends further than they would ever know.

    July 8, 2018 by Lucky✒Santangelo in Giving  ID#:646972
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    Don't give me your money, not your home, not your love. Just give me your time.

    April 16, 2018 by Leone_Zalez in Giving  ID#:645598
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    Dare to share for to Give is to truly Live.

    March 14, 2018 by rvmrvm in Giving  ID#:645186
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    Our greatest handout is to put our hand out to those needing human connection or affection!

    February 22, 2018 by adrian mcginn in Giving  ID#:644924
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    Give your SMILE to the people you love :)

    December 21, 2017 by *♥BelievingInMiracles♥* in Giving  ID#:643675
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    The best weapon for selfishness is selfishness for the cause of others.

    November 13, 2017 by enockmaregesi in Giving  ID#:643158
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    Real Friends do real Things...

    October 27, 2017 by Athena* in Giving  ID#:642892