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    'Where in summer the sweet shower fall;
    And clear the droughts of mine into all'
    Now and lately out of the blue,
    That was a wished I had come true.....

    A few days ago by Lyman in Memorial Day  ID#:646538
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    Memories either give or take away energy. It's your choice.

    Posted by Immortal Inquiry in Memorial Day  ID#:632761
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    Sometimes, you have to learn to let go.

    Posted by anggit hermawati in Memorial Day  ID#:615580
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    I can't help but respect someone who gave their life for a cause, not just because.

    Posted by WillieDLIVE in Memorial Day  ID#:589852
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    "I'm believe the hardest thing is watching someone you love past away, the pain come not just from the loss but also the realization of own mortality. Precious and Cherish someone that still around you, and people that love you never really leave you either. As long as you keep them alive in your memories. Life might not be eternal but Love is.."

    Posted by Alex_Low_86 in Memorial Day  ID#:574310
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    "For him in vain the envious seasons roll, who bears eternal summer in his soul."

    Posted by Abdalla.Gr in Memorial Day  ID#:571777
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    We fight with Courage and live as heroes....We honor the fallen who died as legends..

    Posted by Mr.Romance in Memorial Day  ID#:568644
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    Posted by Lonely_Falak in Memorial Day  ID#:546918
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    People are forgotten but their memories remain forever.

    Posted by jehsanconcept in Memorial Day  ID#:545404
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    Are you going to forget the memories and live for today or are you gonna remember the memories and let yourself fade away have we reached the climax and seem to fall in between just because we've gaven up on our dreams is it that we're trying so hard to be like then when they have tried all their lives to be like us maybe being yourself is not so bad after all.

    Posted by Stussy in Memorial Day  ID#:535776
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