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    The simultaneous cries of 'GOAL!' reverberating around the globe, make me sense the reality and the dangers of globalization.

    Posted by boghos_L.artinian in Sports  ID#:645171
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    I don't know what a 'giant slalom' is, but it certainly doesn't sound appropriate for family television.

    Posted by Chris_Childs in Sports  ID#:644882
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    Sometimes, if you want to get muscles, you actually have to do push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, and curls, instead of injecting another steroid in. If you actually do the work, and earn the muscles, you have a lot more to brag about than “I just injected another steroid into my body so me pecks won’t deflate!”

    Posted by Bon Jovi 17 in Sports  ID#:643902
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    The will to be a winner won't accept the words, "I Quit". It makes you keep on trying when others choose to sit.

    Posted by TomKrause in Sports  ID#:639980
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    Don't be afraid of a faulty rally, but the lack of decisiveness.

    Posted by Reis_Salvin in Sports  ID#:637314
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    I got into mixed martial arts to find out what I was made of. I found out I'm made of blood.

    Posted by Chris_Childs in Sports  ID#:635915
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    Passion, Hardwork, Perseverance, Focus, Inspiration, that's what I know of Sports.

    Posted by Life by Jonard in Sports  ID#:634414
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    When I practise I don't bother the counts

    Posted by NITHIN_SURESH in Sports  ID#:632673
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    Decision of the winning team is not decided at the starting but its decided by the player's who play the a player play the game....!!!

    Posted by decent in Sports  ID#:631691
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    Keep to the goals that inspire quest...for they will mature beyond your dreams.

    Posted by Movision in Sports  ID#:629261
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