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    Boghos Artinian ·
    Should sexual harassment accusation cases continue to spread at the present rate, non-accused males will start to doubt their virility, and non-harassed females, their femininity!

    Posted by boghos_L.artinian in Women  ID#:645934
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    Be that strong girl that everyone knew would make it through the worst. Be that fearless girl the one would dare to do anything. Be that independent girl, who doesn't need a man. Be that girl who never backed down. 💪

    Posted by Mahbuba in Women  ID#:645294
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    A woman is so selfish that in order to fulfill her wish of personal profit only or safeguard her vested-interest and secure high position, she may even poison the minds of her children against her own man or anyone as close one.

    Posted by Anujsomany in Women  ID#:645114
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    When fanatic men try to control women's reproductive rights, remember, the world's future is not decided by the babies that are not born, it is decided solely by the babies that are born and whether they are given a chance at fair living.

    Posted by Jessy Skaria in Women  ID#:644885
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    When woman make man look stupid man say "look whos talking"....

    Posted by Crimson_Renegade in Women  ID#:644710
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    Here’s a way for you to test if your boyfriend has a dirty mind. Suggest “trying new things in your room”, if he says “Yeah, sure!” He is a dirt dog. If he says “Uh, sure. Like?” He still has an innocent mind, if he says “ Depends on what ‘new things’ means, he’s clean, but understands the dirty mindset. If he gets abusive, when he finds out you (probably) didn’t plan on actually doing “new things”, get him out. Most boys these days have the dirty mindset. Dump him, and don’t come back.

    Posted by Bon Jovi 17 in Women  ID#:644275
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    Dear girls:

    If you ask for a guy’s number, and you get it, (which you probably will), repeat their phone number, and change one number. If we don’t correct you, we’re not worth your time. (This also works with the guy changing the number of the girl, but I found no need or desire to help stupid brethren.)

    Posted by Bon Jovi 17 in Women  ID#:644219
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    So, you hang out with more athletic guys than myself. Then why can’t I help but be silent and sympathetic? Easy. No guy on the face of the earth will love you as much as I do. We’re like fads. We come and go, each usually better than the previous. If I had to accurately describe us, every guy is the same, but I’m a grand prize. You look beautiful without earrings or makeup. (Must the board know, yes, this is directed towards a real person. And they’ll probably never see this.)

    Posted by Bon Jovi 17 in Women  ID#:644075
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    Sometimes, I feel sorry for myself because I’m not a great athlete. Really just that weird kid who sits by you in English and US history, probably. Then I think “Hey. I’m lucky that I’m that much. Some people don’t get to know such a woman. I’m lucky that I’m on your radar.”

    Posted by Bon Jovi 17 in Women  ID#:644074
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    Dear girls,

    If you ever here one of us guys say “I don’t care,” after you say something to us (with the exception of who your ex is and how he acted, looked, and so on) kick us to the curb. A lot of us guys are nasty pervs. That’s why I nominated myself to speak for us. The majority of guys have spent a good chunk of their middle school years and saying who’s D the want to F, and would never admit that. I’ve watched in disapproval as these guys get girlfriends. A great way to figure out if you’ve got crap with skin or someone who loves you is when we’re with you but not paying much attention to you, claim that you’re gonna do something dangerous like jump off a bridge. If all of a sudden you have your boyfriend’s undivided attention and he begs you not, you’ve got a good guy. If he responds in still not paying attention, but he mumbles “Hmm...mmm, whatever.” Kick him to the curb.

    Posted by Bon Jovi 17 in Women  ID#:643985
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