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    *Near the door*
    *he paused to stand*
    *as he took his class ring*
    *off her hand*
    *all who were watching*
    *did not speak*
    *as a silent tear*
    *ran down his cheek*
    *and through his mind*
    *the memories ran*
    *of the moments they walked*
    *and ran in the sand (hand and hand)*
    *but now her eyes were so terribly cold*
    *for he would never again*
    *have her to hold*
    *they watched in silence*
    *as he bent near*
    *and whispered the words..*....
    *"I LOVE YOU" in her ear*
    *he touched her face and started to cry*
    *as he put on his ring and wanted to die*
    *and just then the wind began to blow*
    *as they lowered her casket*
    *into the snow....*
    *this is what happens*
    *to man alive.....*
    *when friends let friends....*
    *drink and drive.*

    July 7, 2004 by thejeremylover_33 in Death  ID#:19791
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    there'll be two dates on your tombstone everyone
    will read them..but the only thing that matters
    is the little [ dash between them ]

    May 17, 2007 by vivelife in Death  ID#:125440
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    When tomorrow starts without me, & I’m not there to see Your eyes full of tears, showing your love for me I wish you wouldn't cry so much, the way you did that day Thinking of the many things we didn't get to say I know how much you love me, as much as I love you And each time you think of me, I'm thinking of you too So when tomorrow starts without me, please try to understand An angel came & called my name, & took me by my hand It was time for me to take my place, in heaven far above Leaving everyone behind, especially the ones I love As I turned & walked away, a tear fell from my eye Remembering the life I lived & why I had to die I do not want to go, with having so much to do And it seemed almost impossible, that I was leaving you So when tomorrow starts without me, don't think that we're apart For everytime you think of me, just look within your heart.

    In loving memory of Garrett James Kelly

    May 31, 2004 by Clays_baby_girl in Death  ID#:17977
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    Suicide is just an easy way of telling everyone that loves you,you hate them

    February 11, 2006 by XxLovexxStruckxX in Death  ID#:61891
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    God looked around his Garden and found an empty place.
    He then looked down upon his earth and saw your loving face.
    He put his arms around you and lifted you to rest.
    His Garden must be beautiful, he always takes the best.
    As the days come and go and the world moves on,
    I know you're still here, you'll never be gone.
    On the night the Angel came and
    took your hand,
    We cried as you left for an unknown land.
    But Heaven rejoiced as you came into
    For your soul was a diamond, shining so bright!

    November 2, 2005 by golferchic in Death  ID#:52076
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    Screeching tires, shattering glass
    Twisting metal, fiberglass
    The scene is set, it all goes black
    The curtain raised, the final act.
    Sirens raging in the night
    Sounds of horror, gasps of fright.
    Intense pain, the smell of blood,
    Tearing eyes begin to flood.

    They pull out bodies one by one
    What is going on? we were only having fun!
    My friend is missing, what did i do?
    Her belongings everywhere,
    in the road there lies her shoe.

    A man is leaning over me and looks into my eyes,
    "What were you thinking, son?
    Did you really think that you could drive?"
    He pulls up the sheet, still looking at me,
    "If only you'd called your mom or dad, you'd still be alive"

    I start to scream, I start to yell,
    But no one can hear me, no one can tell.
    They put me in an ambulance, they take me away.
    The doctor at the hospital exclaims, "DOA!"

    My father's in shock, my mother's in tears.
    She collapses in grief, overcome by fear.
    They take me to this house and put me in this box.
    I keep asking what is happening,
    but I can't make it stop.

    Everyone is crying, my family is so sad.
    I wish someone would answer me,
    I’m starting to get mad.
    My mother leans over and kisses me goodbye.
    My father pulls her away, while she is screaming

    They lower my body into a dirt grave,
    It feels so cold, I yell to be saved.
    I see an angel, I begin to cry.
    Can you tell me what is happening?
    Then she tells me that I died.

    I can’t be dead, I’m still so young!
    I want to do so many things,
    Like sing and dance and run.
    What about college or graduation day?
    What about a wedding—Please, I want to stay!

    The angel looks upon me with a saddened voice,
    “It didn’t have to end like this, you knew you had a choice.
    I’m sorry, it’s too late now, time I can’t turn back.
    Your life is finished—that’s a fact.

    Why did this happen, I didn’t want to die!
    The angel embraces me and with her words she sighs,
    “Son, this is the consequence you paid to drink and drive.
    I wish you’d made a better choice, if you did you’d be alive.
    It doesn’t matter if you beg me, or plead on a bended knee,
    There is nothing I can do, you need to come with me.”

    Looking at my family, I say my last goodbye.
    “I’m sorry I disappointed you, Dad.
    Mommy, please don’t cry.
    I didn’t mean to hurt you or cause you pain.
    I’m sorry all you’re left with is a grave that bears my name.
    I’m sorry all of your dreams for me have been ripped away,
    The plans for my future, now buried in a grave,

    “It was a stupid thing to do,
    I wish I could take it back.
    But the curtain is being lowered now.
    So ends my final act.

    December 1, 2005 by fieldhockeyqueen in Death  ID#:55025
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    Cuts and bruises go away, but the scars will always stay...

    December 12, 2004 by happy_dragon in Death  ID#:27507
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    My name is Chris

    I am three,

    My eyes are swollen

    I cannot see,

    I must be stupid

    I must be bad,

    What else could have made

    My daddy so mad?

    I wish I were better

    I wish I weren't ugly,

    Then maybe my mommy

    Would still want to hug me.

    I can't do a wrong

    I can't speak at all

    Or else im locked up

    All day long.

    When im awake im all alone

    The house is dark

    My folks aren't home

    When my mommy does come home

    I'll try and be nice,

    So maybe i'll just get

    One whipping tonight.

    I just heard a car

    My daddy is back

    From Charlie's bar.

    I hear him curse

    My name is called

    I press myself

    Against the wall

    I try to hide

    From his evil eyes

    I'm so afraid now

    I'm starting to cry

    He finds me weeping

    Calls me ugly words,

    He says its my fault

    He suffers at work.

    He slaps and hits me

    And yells at me more,

    I finally get free

    And run to the door

    He's already locked it

    And i start to bawl,

    He takes me and throws me

    Against the hard wall

    I fall to the floor

    With my bones nearly broken,

    And my daddy continues

    With more bad words spoken,

    'I'm sorry!', I scream

    But its now much to late

    His face has been twisted

    Into a unimaginable shape

    The hurt and the pain

    Again and again

    O please God, have mercy!

    O please let it end!

    And he finally stops

    And heads for the door

    While i lay there motionless

    Brawled on the floor

    My name is chris

    I am three,

    Tonight my daddy

    Murdered me

    Add this to you favorites if your against child Abuse

    June 10, 2010 by Claire_ in Death  ID#:292685
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    "I think about how much I miss him, and start to feel sorry for myself.....but then I think about all the people who never got the chance to meet him, and I start to feel sorry for them."

    April 9, 2005 by 219315 in Death  ID#:35593
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    In My Heart I thought of you with love today,
    but that is nothing new...
    I thought about you yesterday,
    and days before that too.
    I think of you in silence,
    I often speak your name.
    Now all I have are memories,
    and your picture in a frame.
    Your memory is my keepsake,
    with which I'll never part.
    God has you in Heaven,
    I have you in my heart.

    September 19, 2007 by Alannah.xo in Death  ID#:141252