The Best Forgiveness Quotes

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    I know i'm not a perfect friend,
    You're broken heart, i've tried to mend.
    Instead i made you hurt and cry,
    Maybe i should say goodbye.
    Would it be better for me to go?,
    I asked you, and you said "No".
    Why say no when i hurt you so bad,
    But believe me,
    you're not the only one that's sad.
    I made my best friend hurt like mad,
    If i left would you be glad?.
    Deep in my heart,
    I'll always know,
    I'll love you always,
    Even if i go!

    August 15, 2004 by Dizzy in Forgiveness  ID#:21599
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    The stupid neither forgive nor forget; the naïve forgive and forget; the wise forgive but do not forget.

    December 11, 2000 by None in Forgiveness  ID#:1300
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    I have learned that sometimes "sorry" is not enough. Sometimes you actually have to change.

    November 6, 2005 by hilbil in Forgiveness  ID#:52496
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    I know that the things that people in love do to each other, they remember. And if they stay together, it's not because they forget. It's because they forgive.

    January 21, 2003 by UnicaHija in Forgiveness  ID#:6102
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    You forgive me for liking you too much,
    And I'll forgive you for not liking me enough.

    You forgive me for missing you so,
    And I'll forgive you for being so cold.

    You forgive me for the loud racing of my heart,
    And I'll forgive you for not hearing it.

    You forgive me for playing your games,
    And I'll forgive you for toying with my emotions.

    You forgive me for finding you so attractive,
    And I'll forgive you for not noticing.

    You forgive me for raising you up so high,
    And I'll forgive you for bringing me down so low.

    You forgive me for wanting to be with you,
    And I'll forgive you for avoiding me.

    You forgive me for being so pathetic,
    And I'll forgive you for taking advantage of it.

    You forgive me for not being able to let go,
    And I'll forgive you for never having latched on.

    You forgive me for having hopes and dreams,
    And I'll forgive you for crushing them.

    Forgiveness brings inner peace.
    Do we have a deal?

    March 30, 2005 by spazz4brains in Forgiveness  ID#:34780
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    It takes a strong person to say sorry, and an ever stronger person to forgive.

    April 25, 2005 by sweet_tart in Forgiveness  ID#:36792
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    You said you never wanted to see me hurt. Did you close your eyes then when I cried?

    September 12, 2004 by Viwiel in Forgiveness  ID#:22770
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    Forgiving is not forgetting. It's letting go of the hurt.

    December 31, 2002 by Anonymous in Forgiveness  ID#:5894
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    Apologizing does not always mean that you are wrong and the other person is right. It just means that you value your relationship more than your ego.

    February 9, 2010 by meltedopen in Forgiveness  ID#:266599
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    The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.

    September 28, 2000 by Anonymous in Forgiveness  ID#:95