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    check out these quotes with the most romantic first
    line but least romantic second line. Hope u enjoy :-)


    I love your smile, your face, and your eyes

    Damn, I'm good at telling lies!


    My darling, my lover, my beautiful wife:

    Marrying you screwed up my life.


    I see your face when I am dreaming.

    That's why I always wake up screaming.


    Oh loving beauty, you float with grace

    If only you could hide your face.


    Kind, intelligent, loving and hot

    This describes everything you are not.


    I want to feel your sweet embrace

    But don't take that paper bag off of your face.


    My love, you take my breath away.

    What have you stepped in to smell this way?


    Love may be beautiful, love may be bliss

    But I only slept with you, because I was pissed.

    My feelings for you no words can tell

    Except for maybe "Go To Hell".


    Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, and
    so are you.

    But the roses are wilting, the violets are dead, the
    sugar bowl's empty and

    so is your head


    What inspired this amorous rhyme?

    Two parts vodka, one part lime.


    July 5, 2006 by Anonymous in Fun Phrases  ID#:83156
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    Don't think of yourself as an ugly person. Think of yourself as a beautiful monkey!

    April 4, 2004 by I_made_the_devil_cry in Fun Phrases  ID#:15809
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    Please don't interupt me while im ignoring you.

    March 26, 2005 by sports_kid0 in Fun Phrases  ID#:34218
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    A wise man once said, "I don't know, go ask a woman."

    October 25, 2003 by Dark Child in Fun Phrases  ID#:10877
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    Are you always this stupid, or are you making a special effort today?

    January 5, 2004 by Zacharius in Fun Phrases  ID#:12947
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    I'm on a seafood diet. Every time I see food, I eat it.


    I talk to myself because I like dealing with a better class of people.


    Never try to drown your troubles... Especially if he can swim.


    Smile, it makes people wonder what you're thinking.


    Don't be so open-minded your brains fall out.


    A bus station is where a bus stops. A train station is where a train stops. On my desk I have a work station.


    By the time a man realizes that his father was usually right, he has a son who thinks he's usually wrong.


    Teachers are those who help us in resolving problems which, without them, we wouldn't have.


    There are two theories to arguing with women. Neither one works.


    Marriages are made in heaven. But so again, are thunder and lightning.


    There are three sides to every argument: your side,my side and the right side.


    An expert is someone who takes a subject you understand and makes it sound confusing.


    When you're right, no one remembers. When you're wrong, no one forgets.

    June 7, 2007 by dain.bramaged in Fun Phrases  ID#:128270
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    Did You Ever Wonder.....
    *If you choke a smurf, what colour does it turn?

    *Is it ok to use the AM radio after noon?

    *What do you call a male lady bug?

    *When a dog food is new and improved tasting, who tests it.

    *Why didn't Noah swat those two mosquitoes?

    *Why you need a driver's license to buy liquor when you can't drink and drive?

    *Why there are floatation devices in the seats of planes instead of parachutes?

    *Have you ever imagined the world without hypothectical situations?

    September 30, 2004 by oneluckystar in Fun Phrases  ID#:23578
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    I wasn't born with enough middle fingers to tell you how I really feel

    July 6, 2007 by notLittleFUNSIZE in Fun Phrases  ID#:132510
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    SEX is not the answer. SEX is the question and YES is the answer!!

    November 17, 2002 by poetic hawk in Fun Phrases  ID#:5487
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    I don't need your attitude, I have one of my own

    February 24, 2003 by DharmaBV in Fun Phrases  ID#:6665